16 December 2007

Little nudge

16 December 2007
I think it's a sign (or at least a reassurance). "Top Ten Islands" right on the MSN homepage this morning. I was excited to find Bali as, not only on the list, but at # 1!

A nice thing about Bali is that everything is so affordable. You can stay at a hotel for $10/night (& a really nice hotel for $50-60). So that makes this trip a little easier, BUT my wish list keeps getting longer and longer which means our wallet will be getting lighter and lighter.

Here are some of the things that I would LOVE to do & see (in no particular order):

  1. The volcanoes
  2. The temples
  3. The art, craftsmen and women at work
  4. The traditional dances
  5. The huge turtles
  6. Swim with the dolphins
  7. Elephant safari!
  8. Underwater tour
  9. Dinner Cruise
  10. The rice terraces
  11. The waterfalls
  12. Cremation ceremony
  13. The monkey jungle (where you can actually feed the monkeys)
  14. Camel ride
  15. Paragliding
  16. Bungee Jumping
  17. White water rafting
And, the list goes on. Unfortunately, we can only afford a select few from that list, but the thought of doing even a couple of those things makes me absolutely giddy!

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Annaca said...

Hey Guys!! I love your blog, it's great to see pics of your many adventures these days. I especially loved your Christmas card, but who wouldn't! I hope this season finds you merry and bright in your part of the world, and hopefully we'll see you in the fairly near future.
Love ya, Annaca