01 January 2012

Our 2011 Holiday Highlights

01 January 2012
Just a few highlights from this year's festivities... (Sorry if this post is painfully boring; I guess it's more for my benefit than anyone else's)
  • Eric's early "Just to say 'I love you' gift" (A village luminary from Red Envelope) ↓
  • Idaho Stampede game ↓
Eric, Jason, Braden and Cooper got to go onto the court for a layup competition right before half-time
  • Ugly Sweater Party ↓

  • Winter Garden aGlow ↓

Friends, Kris & Brigham

  • Night Out for the adults @ Olive Garden. Then, back to our pad for the gift exchange. ↓
Eric drew Robbie's name. We all attempted to keep a straight face when Rob opened Eric's fabulous white elephant gift from the Ugly Sweater party a few nights prior. I don't think she bought it, but she did get a good laugh.
  • BSU Bowl Game party @ Jason's. We took a break at half time to check out Christmas lights. One street had ~7 houses all set to music. Here is a list of the best Christmas light displays in the valley.
  • Christmas Eve ... Eve ... Mexican Fiesta (Viva la Chicken, enchiladas, chile rellenos, super nachos, jalapeno poppers, taquitos, fruit empanadas, etc. - yum!) ↓
Ella taking a whack @ Talia's piƱata
  • Massive Christmas Eve Breakfast, then kickball, vball & bball at the gym
  • Christmas Day spent largely in the car driving to Vegas (~10hrs). With the help of a coupon and online discount, we got to stay at an incredible 5-star hotel on the strip. Then we couldn't resist a Vegas buffet. Well, Eric couldn't resist (he can't say no to all-you-can-eat lobster & crab legs). ↓
Aria Hotel & Casino

Christmas dinner!
New York, NY on Vegas Blvd (shot taken from the sunroof of our car)

In the Aria foyer

Bellagio Hotel fountain show set to Christmas music
  • Dec. 26-31: On to Scottsdale, AZ
  • Sid's blessing (Pallison's sweet, beautiful baby) 
  • Family Photos (Nelsons & Reynolds) ↓
  • Mesa Temple and Game Night (Allison's family was kind enough to invite us to join them) ↓
  • Desert hike (in perfect weather!) ↓

  • McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park ↓
Savannah & Autumn on the carousel
Cute Trey & Autumn waiting for our train ride
  • Town Dump (just Mary, Savannah and I) ↓

  • Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix ↓
Savannah, glowing in the desert sun (wearing my shades)
Eric & sweet baby Syd (this is outfit #2 after a big blowout...Syd's, not Eric's)
  • And Saturday we were "on the road again". After spending about 30 hours in the car (total), taking a few wrong turns, getting a speeding ticket, and having a rock ...and a bird... collide with our windshield, I think we'll be flying next time. But it was still a fun trip and definitely worth it! Thanks for the memories.

Thank you!

Eric and I just want to say thanks to all of our friends and family for being so sweet & sympathetic after we lost Blue.

The YW leaders stopped by and surprised us with a really generous cheer-up package.

Thanks Ty & Tiff for these gorgeous flowers! They hung in there for a long time, and they smelled  soo good! Definitely brightened my day(s).

This ornament was given to us by our sweet neighbors who fell in love with Blue right along with us. Such a sweet gift.