29 March 2009

What I do with my spare time...

29 March 2009
I'm on the computer a lot these days - mostly for work but also for play. When 9 or 10 o'clock rolls around, Eric and I typically just like to relax, maybe watch a little TV...And, for me, I scrapbook. I try to create a 2-page digital scrapbook layout every night. At this rate, I might get all caught up by 2020! Not really. It actually goes really quickly, and I love it!! A bazillion times better than old-school scrapbooking. And there are several high-quality publishers out there who can produce a nice sleek finished product (no more of those big bulky albums).

Note: I use Simply Yin for most of my LO templates. She's amazing!

25 March 2009

Saipodities at the Street Market

25 March 2009
Warning: Do not view this post prior to eating as you may lose your appetite.

Every Thursday in Saipan there's a street market in downtown Garapan with local foods and island dancing. BBQ satays and smoothies are probably the most popular items at the street market, but if you're feeling brave...

Chicken feet & pig ears. Apparently, the chicken feet are mostly skin and tendons and not much muscle. I hear they're also very gelatinous. Mmm.

And finally we have Eric with a bright yellow helmet...Oh, and a segway. Our friend Jari bought 2 segways from Guam as a business venture, and he let us test them out. I think I want one.

11 March 2009

Human Rubberband (Part 2)

11 March 2009
I first experienced the "human rubberband" when I was home for the holidays, but I liked it so much, I decided I wanted to have one to take back to Saipan - especially for the Youth. My mom agreed and was kind enough to make one for us...

10 March 2009

Ty proposed

10 March 2009
My Mom's account of Tyler's account:
Early Thursday morning, March 5th, Tyler met with Tiffany’s dad. He was really nervous…didn’t know what to expect asking him for his daughter’s hand in marriage. (He was told that Tiffany’s sister’s husband really got “grilled”!...but they didn’t know him like they know Ty) Her Dad is the Stake Young Men leader and is well loved by everyone and really funny… but he is also very confident and outspoken…Ty didn’t know what to expect.

The interview was only 10 or 15 minutes. The only question he asked Ty was “Do you love her?”. Of course, the answer was “Yes!” Then he was given permission to marry her! Afterward, though, he had more to say…not questions, but advice…

Ty went back to work for half a day, then drove down to Provo.

Tiffany was staying with her 2nd cousin (?) Cami from Texas and going to BYU. Cami’s boyfriend is Tyler too! (Confusing?! That Tyler will, hereafter, be Tyler2…!) Cami has been expecting a proposal so here is the “scam” Tyler orchestrated!

Like he said, “It was like Oceans Eleven… everyone had to be perfectly coordinated, to the exact minute!”)

Ty contacted Cami and asked her if she would help him surprise Tiffany with his proposal. She was excited to!

Then he called Tyler2 and asked him if he would help too…and would he like to be a part of it all and propose to Cami the same evening. (Tyler2 had already ordered her engagement ring but hadn’t figured out how to ask her yet, so he was happy to join in.)

To simplify the very complicated plan, Tyler2 had sent Cami a dozen roses and asked them to meet at Temple Square. Tiffany was sure that Tyler2 was coming to ask Cami to marry him, so she was taking lots of photos of the big event! Cami had to pretend that she was excited, when her heart was probably breaking wishing it was all for her…

In the meantime Tyler rented a horse drawn carriage, and he had his friend Jared put Tyler’s 2 dozen long stemmed red roses on the sidewalk at the exact moment Tyler’s carriage pulled up…8:00 PM. Ty leaned out of the carriage and said “Hi, Tiff, want to go for a ride?”…

It must not have registered that Tyler was actually down there because she was so focused on helping Cami have her proposal. She said, “Tyler, you are messing up Cami’s proposal!” She was really frustrated with him. She got into the carriage but it took her quite a while before it registered that this was actually HER proposal!

Ty loved the sound of the horses hooves on the pavement and wanted to propose while they were still near Temple Square with its beautiful lights… But she was really frustrated! It probably took her 3 or 4 minutes before she realized what was really happening…(He said, “She is too smart! She is never surprised! The last time was when her parents told her there was no Santa Claus!”)

When Tiff finally realized what had been happening she said, “You got me!” And laughed! Then he proposed and gave her the (temporary) hand carved wooden engagement ring he had made!

In the meantime, Cami was left on the sidewalk with Jared…feeling depressed. Then Tyler2 appeared in the 2nd carriage. But the guys didn’t want the girls to think they had “copy-cat” proposals, so he didn’t ask her to marry him then. (And apparently she was getting pretty upset) They drove back to his place in Provo…and when she walked into his apartment she was met with a beautifully decorated scene. Candlelit dinner in his living room…lots of pictures on the walls, ribbons everywhere, candles burning, etc…almost like a wedding reception. Then Tyler2 asked her……

The carriage driver said he has probably driven 300-400 couples around for their engagements (the most he had was 16 in one night!) but Ty and Tiffany were the firsts in:

  • Most well planned!!! (Wow, Ty…good job!)

  • Only 2 natural redheads

  • Only proposal with a wooden ring!!

They took the carriage to “Christopher’s Steak House” at the historic Peery Hotel on 3rd and West Temple (they walked back to the car after dinner) They had to carry the 2 dozen roses everywhere, but Ty said they were both fine with it. He wasn’t the least bit concerned about public hugs and kisses everywhere either…that hasn’t been the case before that I was aware of!
They got home late Friday night, went ring shopping on Saturday. Tiffany didn’t want the traditional single diamond (and they were being conservative price-wise anyway) but wanted a Pave style.... They found one they liked…very practical too.

Tiffany has to go back for one more semester at BYU Idaho…school starts April 20th, and ends July 21st. Her sister is expecting a baby July 4th and would be able to fly for 6 weeks (they are in Pennsylvania, I think) and he talked to Cass…she thought she might be most able to come August 22nd…Saturday…so that is the tentative date….

They are considering living at the factory for economy sake. Tyler would totally remodel the office…extend the kitchen, make a new bathroom (employees use the little bath there now)…create a small bedroom where the storage room is, etc. He is so good with big projects like this and it should help the time go by faster! Knowing him he will be totally absorbed in trying to get it as nice as he can.

My Favorite Olympian

From Left: Paul Baxter, ?, Phil Dalhausser & me! :)

Phil Dalhausser, Olympic gold medalist, came to Saipan yet again for the Mariana's Cup at the Pacific Island's Club, and I was pretty giddy about it. He's amazing to watch! Eric thinks I have a crush...

Regional Champs

I'm stealing this post from one of Eric's recent emails: As many of you know, I've been coaching a high school mock trial team since November. The students attend Mariana's Baptist Academy.

For the first two months we practiced two to three times a week in the evening. By February, we were meeting four times a week for three hours each, and by the end of February, we met every day. I was shocked at how incredibly hard everyone worked. The students would email me at 11 p.m., 2 a.m., and 5 a.m. with questions. Then they’d come to class, take feedback, revise their material, and then try again the next class. We also had a few emotional breakdowns and panic attacks along the way. But overall, these were about the hardest working high school students I've ever met.

Following three preliminary rounds, MBA advanced to the finals against the defending champions, Mt. Carmel. The final trial was held in the Supreme Court Courtroom, and lasted just over two hours. The 10 jurors (of attorneys and former judges) then filled out their ballots and returned their verdict: MBA was crowned the 2009 CNMI High School Mock Trial Champions. I really wish you could have seen the students' reactions. All the girls were bawling. One kept saying, “This is the greatest day of my entire life.” When I went into work on Monday, all the secretaries stood up and clapped, and the Saipan Tribune wrote a front-page article on the victory. This island definitely takes mock trial seriously.

DongHee Im, Dencio Manglona, SoYoung Lee, Laura Lee

Cameron Armstrong, Chan Woo Lee, Sung Jun Hwang, DongHee Im, YongHwa Choi, SoYoung Lee, Xiao Tian Falig, Laura Lee, Michael Sheu, Dencio Manglona, Eric Nelson

Celebration lunch at Tony Roma's and, apparently, Eric's birthday (only a few months late).

The team is now headed to Atlanta , Georgia for the national finals in May. Unfortunately, this means we’ll have to prepare for a new case, but the students are ecstatic. Many of them will be traveling to the U.S. for the first time. It was really fun to watch them perform. I’ll actually have to leave Atlanta a day early so I can make it back for our Manila temple trip. In the meantime, if anybody wants to see them in action, book your flights to Atlanta. :)