27 April 2013

6 Months

27 April 2013
Scout's HALF birthday. Are you kidding me?? She's still as cute and sweet as ever. She has 2 teeth, she's started her solids, she rolls over from back to front, and she still sleeps like a champ. We adore this girl.

03 April 2013


03 April 2013
Easter was pretty laid back this year, but it was our first Easter with Scout, and I loved every minute!

The festivities began on Saturday morning when we opted for an Easter Eve egg hunt & breakfast and over our traditional family Easter dinner of  Eggs Ala Golden Rod (see here). We still had the EAGR, just for breakkast...along with yummy scones, bacon & Tiffany made a delicious quiche.

Earlier that week, we did a YW breakfast (to celebrate their Spring Break) so I had some toppings leftover from that -
raspberry, strawberry, cinnamon honey butter (yum!), nutella, etc...

The boys took advantage of the gorgeous weather and played some bocce ball (I think? Some version of it anyway...)

Playing with the action settings on my new camera...
Eric's Easter basket. Is he spoiled or what??

And Scout! All perdy in her Easter best.

Camera shy. :)

A hint of a smile...

Then, after church, I talked Eric into going on an Easter picnic at Julia Davis Park. There was a father-son pair in the gazebo when we first arrived, and the father told us that he was just telling his son about how he proposed to his mother in that same gazebo. That sparked some fun memories of Eric and I's engagement. I always tease Eric that he proposed to me at a cemetery, but in all fairness to him, it was actually across the street from a cemetery. :)

Julia Davis is right by the zoo so I got to steal a few free shots of this beauty with my zoom lens! :)

This is a sign of a good day! So very sweet...