20 August 2010

"...I would be a man with many pennies"

20 August 2010
Ok, so I feel a little strange posting this poem since it's about me, but It's just further proof of how hilarious (and occasionally sweet) Eric is.

If I had a penny for every time you made me smile,
Or blew me away with your artistic style;

Made me lunch when you weren’t in the mood,
Yet did it with love and without any ‘tude;

Washed my dishes (except for the pots),
Or went to the gym to keep your body real hot;

Put up with my humor and laughed at my jokes,
Moved to Omaha to live with my folks;

If I had a penny for every time you made me laugh out loud,
Or put up with my cynicism when I am a rain cloud;

Listened to my work stories about claims adjusters,
Or tolerated daily briefs about the Cornhuskers;

Served me in ways I do not deserve,
Or been a treat for my optical nerves;

Made me feel grateful that you are my wife,
And been the best friend I’ve had in my life;

Given me confidence when I don’t have any,
Then, my love, I would be a man with many pennies.

19 August 2010

7 Years of Wedded Bliss

19 August 2010
There’s really not a lot Eric can’t do.
(Ok, so he can’t fix a toilet or a carburetor, but Obama probably can’t either.)

Yes he can…

Make me laugh at any moment - whether I’m in the mood to or not
Make a friend with just about anyone in the room
Make all of the girls fall for him, whether he realizes it or not (and regardless of their age!)
Listen intently and offer great advice and feedback
Make a mean baked tilapia
Win any debate (even when he’s wrong)
Speak impressively in public with ease; in such a way that everyone seems to listen
Communicate…effectively. I wonder what that’s like.
Compete in just about any athletic event
Remember all sorts of “fascinating” trivia
Tell you everything there is to know about the Nebraska Cornhuskers
Quote every single word of The Testaments and A Few Good Men
Sing Les Miserables and Red Hot Chile Peppers like nobody’s business
Kill everyone in Karaoke (with his singing AND dancing)
Shimmy in a way that makes the girls swoon
Build muscle out of nothing overnight
Be an example of superb dental health (flosses every night)
Impress the elderly with his beautiful olive skin
Do some thoroughly entertaining impersonations (ie. Relatives, Hulk Hogan, Rocky, Sean Connery, to name a few.)
Tease his brothers and closest friends relentlessly (take it as a sign of his love and affection)
Sympathize with others
Be lovable and sweet and charming
Love me unconditionally despite all of my many many faults

I feel unevenly matched with Eric in a lot of ways, but I’m just happy and humbled to have so many things to love and appreciate about my husband.

Love you babe. Thanks for the past 7 years.

15 August 2010

Gardening tips please!

15 August 2010
I've always loved interior design, but now that we have a yard, miniature as it may be, I'm starting to get excited about landscape design. The only problem is that I'm clueless so I need your help!

There's lovely landscaping in front of our house, but unfortunately, we can't see it because a fence is in the way. Eric despises this fence. Personally, I prefer the fence to the road/cars. One solution is to move the fence closer to the road so we can improve our view while still obscuring the road. This is a great idea, but won't happen. I think the landscaping is more for curb appeal and to lure in prospective buyers from the street. So, it looks like we'll have to spice things up the best we can within our own little front yard.

The view from the road

The view from the side

Our front/left view. Blah.

Our canvas.

So what do you think? How can we add some lovely to our wee space?

We have a few ideas, but I'd love some feedback from those with experience. We would like to cover the black fence with English or Boston Ivy or Creeping Fig. From my understanding, English Ivy & C. Fig stay green all year round, while Boston Ivy turns a beautiful bright red in the fall but loses its leaves in the winter. Any suggestions?

As for the area directly in front of our house, help! We'll probably just need to go to a nursery and figure out what we like. As of right now, I just know I like hostas and a basic color scheme like a combination of dark green, bright green & burgundy/purple. What do you think?

Is it crazy that I suggested to Eric that we go to a nursery for our 7-yr anniversary on Fri.?

14 August 2010

The best thing IS sliced bread

14 August 2010

Ok, so I have a minor obsession with carbs. Not only do I love my bread, but I love my selection - every loaf serves a special purpose you see.

1. Classic Wheat
My ultimate favorite! This one reminds me of the bread my mom made from scratch growing up. Often, we would come home from school and find a few loaves fresh out of the oven. Heaven with butter and honey.

So, what are my favorite purposes for this bread? *It makes THE BEST grilled cheese. Yummy toast. And a good hearty ham and cheese.

Ok, so like everyone else, I try to avoid white breads, but I got a little addicted to Grandma Sycamore's when we were living @ Cort and Robbie's. So soft and fluffy.

*Best for PB & Js

Mmm, sour dough. I love the stuff.

*It's amazing for toast w/jam (Smucker's boysenberry or blackberry are my favs). Also good for garlic toast, and of course, with soups for those chilly fall and winter days

The cheap wheat loaf. Whatever's on sale. Because nothing's too good for my baby. :) *This is what I use to make Eric's lunches (either a ham & cheese or tuna fish). I realize that a lot of you are thinking he should make his own lunch, but he doesn't so this is how I deter him from eating out.
And, finally, although it doesn't relate very well to this post, it is delicious and it is something I eat often as well. Spring mix spinach salad with dried cranberries, feta cheese, glazed walnuts & raspberry vinaigrette. If you haven't already, try it! I promise you won't regret it.

P.S. I also love Albertson's french bread - baked fresh daily @ 4pm.

08 August 2010

Somebody's eating his spinach

08 August 2010
This morning I was looking through an old Facebook album from our Saipan days, and I was pretty shocked by, sorry babe, but how scrawny Eric was a year ago. I guess while we were on the island, Eric had more important things to do than work-out. He lost nearly 20 lbs when we was Branch President.

The 2 before shots on the left were taken in Aug '09 (right before we left Saipan). The pictures on the right were taken today. He's gained about 25 lbs of mostly muscle since he's been back on the mainland. Not too shabby, right?

07 August 2010

Girls Camp 2010 - Sagehen, ID

07 August 2010
I was looking forward to Girls Camp this year so I could get to know the girls a little better. I was relieved to learn that they're all pretty darn cool.

I like to see the ideas that different leaders come up with. Christy Bennett was our Camp Leader, and I loved her. She has the perfect personality for the job ... fun and laid back (and a little sarcastic). You can tell the girls adore her.

Our theme was Superheroes - we put the "her" in Superhero.

We did a lot of the typical camp stuff - morning devotionals, swimming, hiking, craft, skits, night games, etc. But, one night, rather than s'mores, Christy came up with this clever idea to make chocolate eclairs over the campfire. Genius. You just get a large stick (a little wider than your finger), wrap the end with foil. Then you just pop open a tube of ready-made biscuits and wrap/stretch one over the tin foil. Then, cook that over the fire, and when it's done all the way through, slowly slide it off the foil and fill it with instant vanilla pie filling. Finally top it off with chocolate icing, or even easier, chocolate syrup. Rich, but tasty.

And what would camping be without wildlife sightings? Our YW pres. made me a little nervous with stories from her recent sleepless camp-out with bears right outside her tent every night. Not to mention the recent deaths in Yellowstone. Luckily, we didn't have any bear encounters. We did see 2 or 3 bald eagles, a few deer, a fox, and strangely enough, on our late-night drive home, we saw several owls right on the road.

I think one of the things the girls liked most about our camp spot was all of the rope swings around the lake, and I can't blame them. In fact, I got so jealous of all of the fun they were having, I had to try it out myself - fully clothed. Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures of that, but I have tons of them - flying much more gracefully than I did...