27 February 2011

YW Overnight Retreat

27 February 2011
When we told our girls that we would be going to Utah this summer instead of Girls Camp, I think they were actually more disappointed than excited so we decided to throw together a mini "camping" trip to make up for it...

Aren't they cute? We didn't get much sleep, but we had a blast.
Yeah, we know how to rough it. Let's face it, staying in a cozy cabin is a lot more appealing than staying in an ice cave.
Lots of sledding and only minor injuries.
They actually gave each other these lovely 'staches while they were awake. Others weren't quite so lucky.
The very clever Paula Campbell came up with this game - "Jeepers Creepers, Guess Whose Peepers". The prize of course, Peeps. (Can you guess which eye belongs to me??)
Terrace Lakes Hot Springs
Crazy Girls. They broke the previous record of 3:30 in the snow with a new record of 10 minutes!

Color Me Beautiful

The theme for New Beginnings this year was "Color Me Beautiful" so I decided to do a colorful Photoshop project for our lovely young women...(Photo cred to Diane Smith)


2 new recipes that are definite keepers:

Pioneer Woman's restaurant style salsa. Click here for recipe.

Love my new "Ninja" food processor!

Typically, I like more of a fresh, chunky, pico de gallo type of salsa, but this is pretty tasty - esp. for cilantro lovers like myself.

This was a yummy mediterranean chicken panini.
1/4 C sun-dried tomatoes
1/4 C pimientos
1 T balsamic vinegar
1/2 t oregano
1 t minced garlic
black pepper
grilled boneless chicken breasts
wheat buns or sour dough
zucchini and fresh tomatoes optional (but delicious!)


Why should little kids have all of the fun?? We went to "Bounce" for my little 5 y/o nephew's birthday party, and I think the adults had more fun than the kids. Jousting, obstacle courses, slides, bungee chords and velcro, etc.. On the big inflatable slide, we big kids would have competitions to see who could get up the stairs and down the slide the quickest using as many dirty tricks as possible (ie. tripping, hair & clothes pulling, shaking the entire inflatable, etc.) Needless to say, we got in trouble. Just a warning. He said he would hate to have to throw the adults out...we were supposed to be the example. Whoops.

My sweaty nephew Braden sporting a cool do.

07 February 2011

Superbowl Commercials

07 February 2011
This year, the Super Bowl did not disappoint. Good game, good company, good food & good commercials.

Good game: Pretty close one, esp. in the 2nd half. And it was fun because all of us were cheering for Green Bay ... except Eric :) P.S. Not to brag, but Cassie won the prize for closest final score prediction (27-23, actual: 31-25) Eric was the loser, and as such, was supposed to dance to an embarrassing pop song for us on Kinect. Somehow he got out of it last night, but I'll ensure that it happens at a later date. Stay tuned.

Good company: It's always fun watching the super bowl with crazy fans. Cameron, thanks for the entertainment.

Good food: And lots of it. Pizza & breadsticks, hot wings, salad, brownies, chips and salsa, french bread with spinach & artichoke dip, etc. Excessive and unhealthy - just the way Super Bowl party food should be. :) P.S. This was my first time making homemade salsa with my new Food Processor, the "Ninja". I love it!

And finally, Good Commerials: These were some of my favs; which did you like?

Eminem Chrysler Super Bowl Commercial - Imported From Detroit

VW - Darth Vader

Bridgestone - Reply All

Bridgestone - Beaver's Got Your Back

Doritos - "Keep yo hands off my mama. Keep yo hands off my Doritos." (This was actually from last year, but a good'n)

04 February 2011

Birthday lunch with the girls...

04 February 2011
The birthday girls!

Mom, me, Robbie (sis-in-law), Tiffany (sis-in-law), Amanda (sister) & Sheri (sis-in-law)
Nothing fancy, just a nice relaxed chit chat lunch. Can't go wrong with Olive Garden! :) Love their salad and breadsticks.

Minute to Win It

click to enlarge
Ok, so you saw a preview of some of the "Minute to Win It" games from our McCall trip, but that was more of a trial run for the big event. A couple of weeks ago we did a big Minute to Win It challenge with all of the YM/YW, and they did awesome!