30 August 2008

Saipan Soul Train

30 August 2008

Some of Eric's co-workers invited us to a 70's party this past weekend so how could we resist? It was also a charity fundraiser so it wasn't all about the gold, platforms, bell bottoms and disco music. Although, that definitely made it more interesting.

I think Saipan is about the only place where you can ask for a Farah Fawcett hairdo and have the hairdresser have no clue what you're asking for. She did a pretty good job though. It was uncanny how much I reminded myself of my mom in her younger years when the get-up was all put together. Unfortunately, my hair died by the end of the night as you can see in this last picture. The hair may have died, but the disco fever was still alive and well.

27 August 2008

Food Fight!

27 August 2008
They really shouldn't be allowed to have this much fun without me! It seems to be a trend for Honn family gatherings to end in massive food fights - at least if my brother Tyler is involved. And this time the celebration was in his honor so it was inevitable. His friend Trever actually bought a nice big fancy cake knowing full well what real purpose it would serve.

Before the food fight they had a big homemade slip-and-slide party and forced my poor little 68 y/o mom to test it out in her dress. She's a good sport though, and she's used to the routine with Tyler so she didn't even put up a fight...just handed her glasses over and took the plunge. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of that, but I do have pictures of the frosting frenzy...

20 August 2008

5 years strong

20 August 2008
5 whole years of marital bliss! Normally Eric's the man to turn on the romance for our anniversaries, but I decided to do a little something for him this year. It may not have been much, but I hope he enjoyed it.

The Saipan Botanical Garden is less than a mile from our house, but we always said it would be silly to pay admission to see more of what we see everyday, free of charge, on this gorgeous island. However, I was bored one day during a power outage so I decided to walk to the gardens on my own, and I was actually pleasantly surprised and decided to keep my little outing a secret and eventually take Eric there. So today was that day! I packed us up a little Subway lunch and we were on our way.

Oh, and the pictures....Our new camera hasn't actually arrived yet, so out of desperation, I decided to try our old, previously broken, Nikon for the bazillionith time, and of course it's working now?? Not sure if this is good news or not considering a certain, pricey package that's on it's way, but I am glad we were able to get some pictures today.

And oh yeah, I love you Franky!

Fresh fruit and...

"Fresh & fruity"

Eric LOVES it when I take pictures of inanimate objects

How cool is this??

Poor Eric always seems to be wearing a suit these days. This time it's because I stole him away during his lunch break and didn't think to bring him a change of clothes. He was toasty.

The lookout at "103 steps" - Where we ate our lunches and relaxed on our hammocks

If only we had a few more hours!

It's always fun to play in treehouses covered in caution tape.

Eric as Jonah

13 August 2008


13 August 2008
So I finished Breaking Dawn a couple days ago, and all I can really say is what a strange book.

Other than that, life's been rather dull. The only exciting news is that our Lt. governor and former CUC director has been indicted on 3 felony counts of wire fraud, conspiracy and theft involving federal funds. Delightful.

In other "exciting news", our 5th-yr anniversary is next week. Let's hope Eric and I don't both completely forget like we did last year. The fact that I'm mentioning it now, a week in advance, is a good sign though.

And yes, we finally ordered a new camera. The Canon won in the end...or should I say the Canon's price tag won in the end so stay tuned for better blog posts yet to come.

05 August 2008

Power Struggle...

05 August 2008
I've been without power for 5 hrs today; that really puts a damper on productivity.

On top of that, Breaking Dawn won't be here until Saturday at earliest. So no one is allowed to speak of it (to me) until after this weekend. I'm sure there are spoilers all over the internet, but I'm avoiding them. I realize that everyone has probably already read it - but you're not allowed to spoil it for me! Please...