23 September 2012

Nursery for the wee babe

23 September 2012
When we discovered we were adopting a baby girl, rather than running to the store for miniature pink dresses, bows and tutus, I immediately started "scheming" the nursery.

The first must-have item I found was a Caitlin Wilson pillow in soft aqua, mustard & "greige". Strange I know, but this pillow was my inspiration for the whole color scheme and design concept for the room. I dreamed about this pillow. :)


Then, before making any purchases, I used Photoshop to create an "idea board"

Then, I designed the room in my head... 

And finally, A NURSERY! Our very first. A peaceful place for imagination and dreams.
Our friend and famed photographer, Del Benson, was kind enough to take these pictures for us during one of his visits.

Pomander ball made w/table confetti & corsage pins

It was so fun hunting down these precious children's books.

I had to find the right "art" for the room...This took some work, but I'm so happy with what we ended up with. Something that I discovered as I was decorating the room - there really isn't a defined theme.
But after the fact, after simply picking out pieces that I loved for this sweet baby, I noticed that everything in the room seems to fall pretty well under "imagination & dreams".

Catch a Falling Star - From Trafalgars Square on Etsy

Flying Elephant - From Trafalgars Square on Etsy

Lamb - From The Animal Print Shop

Lion Cub - From The Animal Print Shop

Book Bear - From Trafalgars Square on Etsy

18 September 2012

My Rota Warrior

18 September 2012
Some of you may remember this choice photo from our Christmas card a few years back. It's an oldy but a goody...now with a twist...thanks to our friend Del. :)

Game Day

Those who know me, know I'm a big Boise State fan so I was excited when I won tickets to Saturday's game. To be honest, I actually prefer watching the games at home...on a comfy sofa, surrounded by friends and snacking on yummy game day food, but I think it's fun to go to at least 1 game a year. It wasn't against a big name team (Miami of Ohio), but it was our first home game of the season, and there's always a fun energy there.

One of our clients gave Jason 2 free tickets as well.
J was sick so he gave the tickets to my brother, Ty & his wife Tiffany.
Eric LOVES this picture! :)

Ty and Tiff are sitting WAAAY over on the other side of the field in that white section.
Can you spot them with their orange shirts and (orange) hair? :) 
And the previous weekend Eric got to support his true love - the Nebraska Cornhuskers. He flew to San Fran to spend one night with Patalie, and then he and Patrick roadtripped down to LA to meet up with Steve P. (Eric's dad) and "Uncle Herbie" for the NE-UCLA game. Unfortunately, Nebraska lost by 6, but there was no love lost, and the boys had a blast together!

Eric, brother Patrick, "Uncle Herbie", Eric's dad, Steven

13 September 2012

One Step Closer ...

13 September 2012
As many of you know, Eric and I are adopting a precious baby girl. Adoption can be a scary, unpredictable thing, but we've felt completely at peace throughout this process. And, although, nothing is promised, we're hopeful and thrilled at even the possibility. Having children...starting a family...being a mom...are things that I've dreamed of and prayed for for as long as I can remember.

This song by Christina Perri, A Thousand Years, sums up my thoughts beautifully.