27 September 2013

11 Months

27 September 2013
Your first word was "mama". You actually started saying it a couple of months ago. Your dad's not entirely convinced you know what you're saying, but he's just silly and jealous.

You still lick things...mostly cool things like the wood floor, chrome, leather, porcelain (yes, porcelain. ie. toilets). You're still very happy and easy going. You can also be mischievous. We have to keep a close eye on you because we never know what you might be putting in your mouth or getting into. As soon as we open a door to a room that's off-limits (ie. pantry or bathroom), you immediately come crawling full speed to try and weasel your way in. You find great joy in biting your dad's finger and watching him squirm.

We had a few sad nights when you woke up hysterically crying and there was nothing we could do to calm you. This was strange because you've been a 12+ hour sleeper for several months now. After doing some browsing, we think it may have been night terrors...which is so hard because you get so upset and we feel so helpless. Fortunately, it only lasted 3 nights.

You love your baths, you love to play, and you seem happiest when we're out in the fresh air on our lovely walks.

You love sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, rice, greek yogurt, and Gerber cookies. You like bananas, whole wheat bread, turkey, cheese, and pureed apples & pears.

You can pull yourself up and stand when you have support. You can clap, wave, give wet kisses, and you're working on your high fives/hand hugs.

Lots of things make you laugh - peek-a-boo, tickles, raspberries, being tossed in the air, nuzzles, funny noises & sometimes absolutely nothing at all. (Listen to sound bite below)

Holy moly, those eyes.

This expression is sort of fantastic.
Now that the weather is cooler, you get to wear your fleece footies,
and you're even more snugly than usual! I think we'll just wear these everyday until spring.

Beware: this picture is not for the faint of heart. 99% sure that that is a bug's leg on her tongue. Protein?

Scout's new thing: She randomly breaks out in this great laugh/cackle.
It's hilarious. Listen to sample below.