21 December 2009

Dear Santa

21 December 2009
My ridiculous and unrealistic Christmas Wish List (for Eric to reference in a couple of yrs - when money is no longer an object)

  1. A dog
  2. A Nikon D-40 (or some such SLR)
  3. TRA Action Set(s)
  4. A place to call home
  5. Pretty shoes
  6. A Kindle
  7. A MacBook Pro
  8. A fancy smart phone to match the hubster's
  9. A trip to New Zealand
  10. An Alaskan or Mediterranean cruise
  11. Tickets to Wicked when we're in NY for New Yrs
  12. Tickets to the Fiesta Bowl

So, this is my material...list. The other day someone asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I couldn't think of anything. Nothing I needed anyway, but I'm sure we all have things we want. There's no harm in "window shopping", right?

What's on YOUR (if-money-was-no-object) list?

14 December 2009

Christmas Project

14 December 2009
My one and only Christmas project this year - a 14 x 14" calendar for Mom:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And this, ahem, is what I hope to make next year... (Pottery Barn Advent Calendar, sells for $149 - yikes!)

02 December 2009


02 December 2009

We had a modest group this Thanksgiving - about 14 of us. That didn't stop us from preparing enough food for the masses. I don't know what possesed me to make 35 potatoes, but I did, and now everyone's had to suffer through mashed potatoes for every meal since. Actually, I think all I've had to eat this week is dutch apple pie & crackers/cheeseball. Not a bad diet.

After Thanksgiving, we drove down to SLC to visit Eric's sister, Andrea's, family. We rarely get to see them. Their kids are so warm and cuddly. Andrea spoiled us with her yummy, healthy meals. Eric and I both like eating healthy foods, but we're not always willing to take the extra effort to prepare it. If only we all could have an Andrea! On Saturday, we all showed off our grace on the Olympic Oval. By the way, we also got to see Patalie & Ava. Patrick abandoned us Saturday to go watch the BYU-UT game, but we've forgiven him.

On the 20th, a group of us hit the midnight showing of New Moon. We got there a few hours early b/c we weren't sure how insane it would be, but it was fun to sit and chat with everyone. It always ends up being more about the experience than the movie.

Ava was so darn cute on the ice. She loved it.