11 October 2011

Life with pup

11 October 2011
Turns out puppies are a lot of work. It's definitely been an adjustment, but we're finally getting into a routine, and it's...almost...fun. At the very least, entertaining.

Here's my Puppy diary:

  1. We're waking up at 7am now instead of 6! An advantage to those early morning walks: it's dark so makeup and bras are optional. 
  2. We go on 2-3 short walks a day. Now that fall has arrived, it's funny to watch Blue chase after the colorful swirling leaves. And he's so darling with his fur blowing in the wind. 
  3. When I took him to the vet for his first exam, they disappeared with him to the back for several minutes. When they finally reemerged, they apologized and said, "Sorry, we were all passing him around back there...he's just so cute we all had to take our turn with snuggles." 
  4. Luckily, he's too young to really understand the whole barking concept. When people approach him and when dogs and squirrels face off with him, he just sits and stares. I'm sure that will change.
  5. It's unseasonably warm this year so although he loves to be outside, he doesn't like the sun. He's learned to dig his way down to the cooler soil. I hate it when he does that, but you can't be mad when he looks at you with those big dark eyes and his cute little nose, paws and tongue covered in specks of black.
  6. The other night someone decided to throw an egg at our door while Blue was sleeping on the doorstep. He didn't even bark. After Eric heard the crack, he went outside and whoever it was had already taken off and Blue was still just laying there. Eric quickly cleaned off the door and brought Blue in for the night. The next morning I found poor Blue with dried egg on his furry little head.
  7. He gets the cutest little puppy hiccups.
  8. He can now sit and shake on command...and almost fetch.
  9. He likes to chomp at the flies who dare fly around his head.
  10. He's adjusting to his crate and sleeping through the night.
  11. He loves to sleep right on top of our floor vent to keep cool.
  12. When we lay down on the ground he loves to lick your face, nibble your ears, and put his paws around your neck in a sweet little "bear" hug.
  13. He's growing at a rapid pace which is sad but good because right now he can squeeze through our fence and already has a couple of times. It doesn't help that our neighbor likes to give him loves. 
  14. Blue prefers taking me for walks. I know I'm supposed to be the one in control, but it's just so cute when he carries the leash in his mouth and tugs me around.
  15. Sometimes I'll drop the leash and leave him by his favorite tree (in the common area) while I walk to the dumpster to throw away his doo doo bag, and he'll just sit there patiently waiting for me and watching me with the leash in his mouth.
  16. Eric loves to pick him up like a baby bundle and scratch his little freckled belly