31 December 2012

Eternally grateful

31 December 2012
Grateful for this little girl with that darling smile and those bright eyes ...

Grateful for a friend who made this beautiful sealing/blessing dress for Scout. 

Grateful for the best Christmas gift ever!

Grateful for the temple and for family ...

Grateful to be sealed for time and all eternity. December 29, 2012 - A day we will never forget. Thank you Brooke for this eternal gift.

Outtake from 2-mo photo shoot

Adoption Finalization

Thursday, Dec 27, 2012

Judge Carolyn Minder
Left: Our LDSFS Case Worker, Jon Pingree, and Right: Our Adoption Attorney, Bart Browning

30 December 2012


30 December 2012
It's been so fun having family come to visit over the past few weeks to meet Scout.

Mary came in November and again in December for the sealing & blessing. As is the case with all of her grandkids, Scout loved her immediately.

Mary got Scout all snuggly warm for a walk in the stroller.

Warming Scout up after her baths.

Hanging out at the pool/hot tub at the Best Western where "Maven" & the McDonalds stayed.

Savannah is so awesome with the little ones.

Claire, biting her lower lip and looking adorable as always.

Ava & Claire

Steven & Autumn getting some R & R

Scout getting her "Itty Bitty Imprints". I don't think she liked how cold the clay was. :) 

Ava is going to be such a good mama. She loved Scout, and always wanted to help me hold, sooth, and feed her. She kept saying "She's so cute." and "She just keeps getting prettier."

28 December 2012

Idaho Aquarium

28 December 2012
Admittedly, there's not a lot to do here in the winter when you have small children, but the recently opened Idaho Aquarium is surprisingly decent. :) So, we've now been there twice - Once with Mary, Tiffler & Ella, and then again with Patalie, Ava & Claire.

Ava was a little hesitant to go near this guy...

Patrick didn't want to get too close either...

Ava found Nemo!

Claire and her beautiful blue eyes.

Cue Jaws music...

I'm sure Scout gets a lot out of these outings. :)

Creepy yet cool at the same time

Tiffany & Ella had no fear.

Ella loved playing in the tide pools.

16 December 2012

Big Day for Scout

16 December 2012

Yesterday Scout had her acting debut as baby Jesus and got to meet Santa all in the same day!

She's a natural. She slept peacefully throughout the entire program.

"Santa loves me"
Merry Christmas!