29 October 2013

Happy birthday baby girl

29 October 2013
Dear Scout, 

You've added "Dadda" to your vernacular. You still get giddy when Mom or Dad enter the room. You're still very generous with your kisses, and you've started making kissy sounds/fishy faces when we're at a distance. Whenever you hear the word "yay" or hear anyone clap (including people on TV), you immediately get excited and join in the applause. You've started nodding your head yes and shaking no. "No" is adorable because you sometimes throw in a cute little finger wag, but "Yes" is our favorite because it requires more effort and you can't nod without raising and lowering your eyebrows at the same time. You're not a snuggler, but sometimes when I'm holding you and a stranger approaches, you get sheepish and nuzzle your face into my neck which I secretly love. You're not quite walking on your own yet, but you get around pretty well with support. It's impressive to watch you walk around furniture because you're always on your tippiest of tippy toes. Every second I turn my back, you're racing up the stairs. You've started to get a little sass, and you're more clingy. Very recently, you tend to get a little fussy if you're not in my arms. You're not licking as much anymore, but you still put everything in your mouth. We can't put you down in the grass without finding a leaf, a twig, or a handful of grass in your mouth within seconds. When you hear upbeat music, you get a big smile and start to bounce on your bum. Your dad sneaks into your room almost every night and snaps a cell picture of you while you're sleeping because he doesn't get to see nearly enough of you during the day and you're just so sweet and peaceful.

We just adore you and every single thing about you. My heart hurts a little that you're no longer my little baby and suddenly a toddler, but it's also so fun to see your little personality develop. 

We just can't wait to see where your those sweet baby toes go.

Scout was very dainty and controlled with her "Cake Smash". Part of me wanted her to dive in face first and part of me was relieved that she wasn't really interested. (By the way, that big chunk that's missing from the cake? That was Dad.)

My first two-layer cake! :) Not perfect, but I was still pretty proud of myself

Taking a moment of reverent silence for the twelve months passed.

12 months

We made it! It took a bit of work orchestrating these monthly shots, but now I can finally say it was totally worth it! I just love seeing how much she's changed. As parents, of course, we've always been biased about her cuteness factor, but I swear she just keeps getting cuter!

I do have to apologize now though to our subsequent children who will most likely...no, most definitely, not have as many pictures. Sorry, just one of the perks of being the first.

You can see this pretty clearly in her twelve month collage below, but Scout has definitely gone from short and chubby to long and lean. Apparently, we're going to have to start feeding her cheeseburgers. Check out her measurements from her 12-mo wellness visit in comparison to her 9-mo visit below. At 3-months, she was 70% in weight and 10% in height. :)

Weight: 18lbs 5oz (30%)
Height: 29 ½" (70%)
Head Circumference: 43.25  (15-20%)

Weight: 18lbs 10oz (65%)
Height: 27 ½" (50%)
Head Circumference: 42 ½ (25%)

First set - Months 1 thru 12

Second set.
Because I'm indecisive.