31 January 2009

Manila in May

31 January 2009

Slight change of plans. There's still a small group going to the Tokyo temple, but most of us are now going to Manila. Eric is buying the tickets tomorrow!

I'm so proud of him. He's put hours and hours and hours into planning this temple trip, and it's going to be amazing!

Huge thanks to everyone who has generously donated their time and money to this trip!

12 January 2009

Saipodities Part 4

12 January 2009
Uninvited house guest. This is what happened when Eric tried to "escort" him out; he really didn't want to leave.

Squid ink pasta anyone? The Halaby family was so sweet and took us out to eat after the baptism and introduced us this lovely dish. We had some good laughs. Definitely not a first-date food.

Halaby Baptism

One fine toilet

Is it weird to like a place based on their airport bathrooms? That's all we really know of Japan, but we're impressed. Bidet option and radio right on the toilet!

He's official

Eric is now officially a member of the Idaho State Bar. He passed the bar over a year ago, but because we moved to Saipan before the results were released he was never "sworn in". Fortunately, he was able to take care of that while we were in Boise for the holidays.

05 January 2009

So long & thanks for all of the memories

05 January 2009
I was waaaay behind on my blogging, and the further behind I get, the less motivated I become so today I bit the bullet and created SIX new posts describing/portraying our last few weeks here on the mainland.

Tomorrow, Eric will be sworn into the Bar, and Wednesday it's back to Saipan and back to reality.

New Year's Day

We got to celebrate New Year's Day at the Hot Springs in Sweet. It felt sooo nice. Hard to get out actually.

Random holiday tid bits

Christmas fiesta at Grandma Honn's. Because what's Christmas without Viva La Chicken, a pinata and nachos?

The wee ones waiting patiently for their shot at the pinata.

Collin & Cooper - not as innocent as they look! During the night these two managed to sneak away and draw all over Grandma's bedroom carpet with permanent marker!

When we were in Utah I got to go to lunch with 2 of my old roommates - Ashley & Jamilyn. It was fun to see them and their little boys.

Christmas Festivities

Our nativity.

Eric and I were the lucky ones - We got the important roles, cow and donkey.

Allison, the brave soul that she is, put together a fun little family variety show for our Christmas party in Utah. Some of us were lame and didn't participate, but those who did were quite entertaining.
Eric's parents as Sonny & Cher singing "I Got You Babe"

"Running Bear loved Little White Dove with a love big as the sky..."

Meeting Ava

The last time we saw Pat and Nat was back in Saipan when Natalie was about 5 months pregnant. Now their little Ava is just over 3 months old, and we finally got to meet her. She's beautiful.
After Ava's blessing


I took a lot of pictures of this adorable little girl, but this one's my favorite (Eric was playing with her lips)

When it snows...

After living on Saipan for the past year or so, we weren't really prepared for winter, but after throwing on some layers provided to us by generous relatives, we decided to reintroduce ourselves to the snow. I know I've posted entirely too many pictures here, but I couldn't resist. You'll notice a common theme throughout the pictures - Eric and his brother Patrick love to compete!

(left to right, oldest to youngest) Peter, Eric & Patty

Complete strangers, but I had to take a picture of these "tough guys".

Savannah after a rough day on the hill.

Is this what they mean by "fighting" for the gold?

It looks deceivingly peaceful doesn't it?

Eric, the victor (unless you ask Patrick).