24 September 2009

6 years, 6 cars

24 September 2009
We've only been married for 6 years, but somehow we've owned 6 cars. Most of them have been good to us, but for one reason or another we had to sell. One got smashed by a neighbor's Ranger (like a dune buggy). One was sold so we could escape to our tropical island. One was a mistake. One had terrible gas mileage, and the last had to stay on our tropical island.

Let us reflect...

1998 Nissan Sentra ($5500). Our first "married" car. This car was with us in Rexburg, Boise, Omaha, DC, back to Omaha & back to Boise. After 4 good years, I had to witness the death of our dear Sentra when a friend came ripping around the corner in his dune buggy, consequently slamming into our (innocently parked) car and then rolling and getting thrown from his. No humans were harmed.

1993 Toyota "PUH-say-oh", a bazillion miles on this thing but an awesome lil' car! (only cost us $800, from $1200). I'm suprised they stopped selling them in '97 because I've read nothing but great reviews about the Paseo. I think they're immortal.

1997 Nissan Altima ($1700, from $2000)...Not the smartest purchase. This was our first car on Saipan, and it wasn't really a good match for the island. The weather & unpaved roads had taken it's toll on this little guy. Luckily, we were able to sell it in one piece.

1999 Nissan Pathfinder ($4000, from $5500!). LOVED this car! Just didn't love filling it up - esp. since gas prices were of course at record highs during the Pathfinder era.

Thus, we replaced the brute Pathfinder with a little weanie '01 Toyota Echo ($3800 solid). It did get great gas, but it felt so light and cheap, I wasn't sad to let her go.

And as of Tuesday, we are now the proud owners of a Lexus ES 300 ($3100, from $3500). Ok, so it's a 1995, but we love it! Tan leather, heated seats, auto everything & very well-maintained. Low miles too (for a '95). So far, very happy with the purchase!

21 September 2009

Aug - Sept 2009

21 September 2009
A few memories from the past month (Ok, so it's mostly Ava, but she's so darn cute!)...P.S. It's not really 20 pages, just 11 - in no particular order.

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