14 May 2008

Patalie's Visit + Guam

14 May 2008
I'm so glad that Patrick and Natalie decided to make the trip out here to Saipan. The flight is long and expensive and, with Natalie 5 months pregnant, I was worried that they would regret coming, but we're certainly glad they did; we had a blast!

See posts below for the play-by-play...

Day 1

Patrick & Natalie flew in at about 3:30 A.M. on Monday, after almost 24 hours of travelling, but that didn't seem to slow them down.

I know I've posted pictures of all of the main Saipan tourist spots about 100 times, but the difference is Patrick and Natalie are in the pictures this time!

On our deck

Wing Beach

Banzai Cliffs

Patrick using his brute strength to hoist Bird Island...& with a smile on his face!

These pictures are classic!


Patrick having a superhero moment on Suicide Cliff

Pat getting a tat. The chinese symbol for "strong" (I think?).

Day 2


Justice Castro was kind enough to offer us a boat ride over to Managaha (with Eric's 3 co-clerks).

Patrick & Natalie's first time snorkeling

Up...and down. Tough life.

Smelling fresh Patrick?

Day 3


Starting our hike down...

Blue Steel?

Patrick's Climb

Eric's Climb (not to be outdone by his younger brother)

Day 4


I love this picture!

Nat took these two great pictures

Day 5


Patrick fit in with the Europeans a little too well at P.I.C. sporting his speedo.

Poor boys; they were both bloodied and beaten by the waves and coral when they swam out past the break

We all got fried that day.

Note the burns

Day 6


Day 7


Patrick spoke in church! ...in true Saipan style, with only a couple days warning. He did a great job though. No one even noticed that he was wearing flip flops - at least not until our branch president tickled his feet mid-talk.

Day 8


Feeding the piggies

Talofofo Falls


A day at the beach.

You'll have to ask Patrick and Natalie what they were laughing about...