30 June 2009

Darby Wedding Part II

30 June 2009
Kona, HI
Eric had a blast in Hawaii! He says he can't remember the last time he had that much fun. Apparently, everything was as close to perfect as it could have been - the sealing, the setting, the activities, the people, all of it!

Eric didn't think he'd be able to attend the wedding until the last minute, but he's glad he did. He even got to share a room with Darby (up until the wedding night of course).

Is it just me or is this picture hilarious? A bunch of men in a human pyramid and skimpy red shorts - classic!

On the second day, they got to go on a snorkel cruise on this cool glass bottom boat.

Erik & Sara were sealed in the temple, but they also had a gorgeous beach ceremony at sunset.

I was there in spirit!

Strangely enough, this was a friend of Eric's from high school that happened to be at the wedding.

I missed him terribly, but I'm so glad he got to go be a part of Erik and Sara's beautiful wedding. Thanks again & congratulations!

Darby's Wedding

I'm posting these pictures from Erik & Sara's wedding b/c I'm a sucker for 3 things - beautiful weddings, beautiful settings & beautiful photography.

After I drop Eric off at work I'll make a 2nd post with some fun pictures that he took while in Hawaii.

22 June 2009

My own father...

22 June 2009
I'm pretty terrible when it comes to "opening up", and I'm not a very emotional person, but I usually get a good cry in at least once a year. Father's Day. My dad passed away the day before Father's Day in the year 2000, and to this day I still miss him on a daily basis. But I also still enjoy the memories...

Teaching me how to set a volleyball
Playing catch with me, even after a long day at work
His laugh (his hysterical laugh that always ended in coughing and a bright red face that always generated more laughs)
Watching him on the bishop's stand (dozing off a bit)
Helping me with that darn math homework
Always being there for my games
Teaching me to drive...uphill...on gravel...with a stick shift
Bringing us home goodies (Friday donut day at work & Rotary auctions)
Eating random things like graham crackers with tuna fish
Teaching me a good work ethic
Always building things for us: a beautiful art box for me...a deluxe tree house, with an elevator and zip lines!
Carrying me from whichever random spot I fell asleep all the way up the stairs to my bed.
His sweet, simple testimony
His unconditional love

21 June 2009

"Father of the branch"

21 June 2009
Eric feels a little strange when branch members refer to him as the father of the branch. He says he feels more like the annoying younger brother, but we all know better. Since becoming branch president, I've been amazed by all of the time and effort that Eric has invested into making the members' lives a little better and strengthening our little branch family...

The man is well-loved by everyone he meets, and I'm so grateful for who he is in my life and in so many others' lives...

Some of the members were so sweet and made Eric a head & ti leaf lei for Father's Day

16 June 2009

Should I be mad?

16 June 2009
Ok, not mad, but maybe a little jealous. Not only does Eric get to go to Hawaii without me, but he also gets to go to South Korea! Let us not forget his recent trip to Atlanta sans wife. It was actually during that trip to Atlanta (for the HS mock trial competition) that Eric met S Korea's mock trial coach and has now been selected to judge a mock trial competition in Korea. That stinker.

Kona, Hawaii

Seoul, South Korea

Tis the season to be married

First up - Erik & Sara. "Darby" is one of Eric's best friends & former college roommates. They had entirely too much fun together. So much fun in fact that Eric was put on behavioral probation. Prank war.

10 years later, Erik & Eric are still friends. And now Darby is marrying his girlfriend of almost 11 years. Eric gets to go to the wedding later this month in HAWAII!

Sara Little & Erik Darby

And yes, my brother Tyler is in fact getting hitched this summer! His fiance, Tiffany, has bright red hair just like Ty! They look more like siblings than a couple & they get tons of comments about it, but they'll have some cute little gingers. Love these engagement shots! I really hope we can make the wedding.