22 June 2009

My own father...

22 June 2009
I'm pretty terrible when it comes to "opening up", and I'm not a very emotional person, but I usually get a good cry in at least once a year. Father's Day. My dad passed away the day before Father's Day in the year 2000, and to this day I still miss him on a daily basis. But I also still enjoy the memories...

Teaching me how to set a volleyball
Playing catch with me, even after a long day at work
His laugh (his hysterical laugh that always ended in coughing and a bright red face that always generated more laughs)
Watching him on the bishop's stand (dozing off a bit)
Helping me with that darn math homework
Always being there for my games
Teaching me to drive...uphill...on gravel...with a stick shift
Bringing us home goodies (Friday donut day at work & Rotary auctions)
Eating random things like graham crackers with tuna fish
Teaching me a good work ethic
Always building things for us: a beautiful art box for me...a deluxe tree house, with an elevator and zip lines!
Carrying me from whichever random spot I fell asleep all the way up the stairs to my bed.
His sweet, simple testimony
His unconditional love


AmyMak said...

That was emotional for me to watch. What a beautiful voice that girl has. Thanks for the post, and I'm glad you have such beautiful memories of your dad.

Marshallese_Chick#07 said...

I Love the Video it made me Cry because I never knew my real father Everyone always tells me I have his heart. He was never a Quitter even in times that are hard.

Amanda said...

Cass,I was right there with you reading that... I miss him too! I don't think it's good but the most loving memory I have of dad was during the most difficult time with Matt, I so felt dad there holding me. I hope you don't have to go thru something like that to feel how much he loves you!

Sheri said...

Wow Cass, that was touching. I couldn't even watch the video because I was already crying and I didn't want to make it worse. I suppose I'm quite the opposite of you, I'm VERY emotional! I'm glad that you posted that, I had no idea about so many of those things. I didn't really know your Dad very well. I'm glad to get that little insight! :)

Allison Nelson said...

Cass, I can only imagine how you feel. I cried the other night too when I was writing a poem about my Dad as I reflected on all of his sacrifices and love on my behalf. Thanks for sharing, I think a good cry now and then is very therapeutic. Yesterday in Wal-Mart I teared up because there was an adorable baby in line in front of me and I wanted her!!!