27 February 2013

4 Months

27 February 2013
I can't believe it's already been 4 months! The time really does go way too fast. It was sad clearing out Scout's closet the other day - no more itty bitty newborn and 0-3 clothes.

Can you tell she loves her tongue?

She may be bigger, but she's still a doll. Her first official laugh took place at a little over 3 months, on Feb 3rd. All thanks to a Beyonce/beat-box dance party with her cousin Finley during the Super Bowl.

Unfortunately, I didn't catch that first laugh on camera, but I did get this a couple of weeks later...

My new favorite sound!

  • She's "moving" a lot these days. Always kicking her legs frantically and straining her neck to try and sit up. She's graduated from gurgling sounds to grunts and random high-pitched squeals. 
  • She's still a big eater (Thank goodness for medium-flow bottles! Her feedings have gone from 60 mins to 15!)
  • Still a great sleeper! In fact, we moved up her bedtime from 11pm to 8pm one night... just to see what would happen. The best experiment ever! She didn't wake up until about 8am! 12 hours! And it wasn't a fluke. She does 10-12 hours pretty regularly now. We're so spoiled.

25 February 2013

Scout's first swim!

25 February 2013
Scout got to swim for the first time on Monday. She was just very mellow the whole time.

A little walk with the wee babe

Just when I thought she couldn't get any more snuggly!