23 February 2008


23 February 2008
Since moving to Saipan, we've done a lot of snorkeling, but yesterday was Eric's first time Scuba Diving. We've been hesitant to fork out the cash to get certified, but this was just a one-day lesson and dive at Laulau so it was a nice opportunity to see what diving is like (without spending $300-$500). I'm a little jealous that he got to do it (I had to work all day), but I'm really glad he got the opportunity because he's wanted to ever since moving here. By the way, the 2 guys in the middle are 2 of Eric's fellow law clerks, Peter and John (John's the one sporting the full body suit).

22 February 2008

Annual Marianas Cup

22 February 2008

Phil Dalhausser

Tonight Eric and I went to the Pacific Islands Club for the Annual Pro Marianas Cup.

We got to see this 6'9" beast Phil Dalhausser. Look at that vertical!

16 February 2008

Valentine's Day

16 February 2008
Eric made me laugh this Valentine's Day. My morning started with a very clever poem and then a hilarious jib jab e-card.

Later that evening we went to the Branch Social ...

Malou & Cherry know how to have a good time! Dance Dance Revolution style...

A mean game of Scrabble.

And now I'm sleepy and have a big day tomorrow so G'night!

12 February 2008

Why do we blog when there are so many other things to do?

12 February 2008
Ok, this is going to be short because there are about 100 things I SHOULD be doing right now.

Fortunately, I've lucked out with the web design. I have several clients right now, and somehow they've all found me. I'm not sure how that happens because I'm not even advertising, but it's been great! Stressful but good.

Speaking of stress, I was just called as Young Women president. I don't know if I'm more intimidated by the calling itself or by the big shoes I'm left to try and fill. The woman who was president before me is amazing, and has done SO MUCH for the youth program. We're definitely going to miss her - especially since Girl's Camp is about a month away. :)

Also, I think most of you already know this, but Eric was called as, don't laugh, Scout Master. That's huge. Scout Master is a challenging calling for anyone, but for Eric, well, let's just say I think he would prefer to be Branch president at times. He's doing an excellent job though.

As far as our callings go, we couldn't ask for a better group of kids. Before this new calling, I was over the Mia Maids, and for mutual last week we had a photography/Photoshop lesson by our very own Branch President, Del Benson. He's an awesome photographer so we were lucky to have him. Look at these great expressions! And they were all good sports - even while Del was photoshopping their blemishes on a massive projected image in front of the whole group.

Madison, Leona, Maryana, Marystar, Rima, Tori (missing: Kim & Elisa)