17 July 2011

Play Ball

17 July 2011
Friday night Eric got to experience "Bounce" for the first time...
He's a natural.

Wow, doesn't even look like he's trying. :)

Saturday night, we went to a softball game. Which, I'll admit softball can be a little boring, but this one had a twist. It was the Boise State football team playing, offense vs. defense. We learned that being a great football player doesn't necessarily translate to being a great softball player. But that made it all the more entertaining. It was fun to see all of the guys be themselves and let loose. Everytime one of their teammates got a home run, they would all meet him at home plate and do something funny...like a little celebration dance or something. One time, all of the players were circled around home plate when the home run hitter came into home and jumped onto the plate with both feet, and all of the guys, in unison, threw themselves out on their backs - like an explosion. Just a lot of little things like that that kept the game fun. Plus, it was a nice night to just be outside doing something other than sit on the couch and watch a movie.
Offense (left) vs. defense. Defense killed em.

hehe. Cooper surprised us with this face after he had been quietly enjoying a massive jaw breaker.

Then he surprised me with this face when I was browsing through the pictures on my camera. Cooper's self-portrait. Hilarious.

Throughout the game they did little challenges to earn more runs. Here, they're having a chocolate milk drinking contest (first to 24!) They also did a pizza eating contest.
Afterward, the whole team stuck around to sign autographs. Eric and I weren't really anxious to wait in line for 2+ hours so we took off. The kids thought it was totally worth the wait though. They brought us back a poster with everyone's signatures, and Braden even got a signed, game-worn cleat from Billy Winn. (He was so excited...The first thing he did was take a whiff...he didn't even care that it smelled like "rotten nachos")

10 July 2011

Reverent Sparklers

10 July 2011
The Sunday before the 4th, we decided to meet up for a Red, White, and Blue themed dessert party...

We all kind of brought a variation of the same dessert, but look at them! Does it really matter??

After that, Tiffany proposed "reverent sparklers" (as it was the Sabbath). I loved my sister-in-law Sheri's response: "Where do you get reverent sparklers? Do you use them with your arms folded or do they whistle a primary song or something?"

I've always wanted to try this with slowing down the camera's shutter speed. I think we had way more fun than the kids did with those sparklers.

Then, when we ran out of sparklers, we used flashlights and cell phones.
Eric did the house. Jason did the tree, and I did the grass. :)
So cool!

Ty had some serious slow shutter/flashlight skills. Despite the backward 4. :)

4th of July

Phase 1 | Capture the Flag with Water Balloons!
This was a blast. Unfortunately, it always takes a lot longer to fill the balloons than it does to go through them, but it was worth it.
Phase 2 | Pool Party

Phase 3 | BBQ & Fireworks
Poor Asher didn't like the loud noises
The boys had the best view from the roof
Ours were legal. The neighbors on the other hand...
Eric and I had planned to go meet some of his co-workers on the roof of the Banner Bank building or on Simplot Hill to watch the big show, but by the end of the day, we were fried - literally and figuratively. But it was a good day. Eric was a good sport and didn't complain once of Honn family overload.