10 July 2011

4th of July

10 July 2011
Phase 1 | Capture the Flag with Water Balloons!
This was a blast. Unfortunately, it always takes a lot longer to fill the balloons than it does to go through them, but it was worth it.
Phase 2 | Pool Party

Phase 3 | BBQ & Fireworks
Poor Asher didn't like the loud noises
The boys had the best view from the roof
Ours were legal. The neighbors on the other hand...
Eric and I had planned to go meet some of his co-workers on the roof of the Banner Bank building or on Simplot Hill to watch the big show, but by the end of the day, we were fried - literally and figuratively. But it was a good day. Eric was a good sport and didn't complain once of Honn family overload.

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staci baker said...

Fun pics, Cassie! You guys know how to party!