29 July 2013

9 Months

29 July 2013
NINE months, really?? 

She's definitely cruising these days with her cute little dead leg army crawl. Still not very interested in solids, but she's slowly warming to the idea. She loves to "talk" and read/chew books. 
Mostly, she loves to brighten everyone's day with her adorable smile.

Weight: 18lbs 10oz (65%)
Height: 27 ½" (50%)
Head Circumference: 42 ½ (25%)

Likes (sort of): carrots, peas, squash, apple sauce, pears, bananas, cereal
Dislikes: pureed meats & anything the least bit tart (raspberries, strawberries, grapes, peaches)

Video evidence of Scout's dislike for raspberries. The funniest reaction EVER.

Been Busy

Nelson Reunion | Scottsdale, Arizona

"And now for a dramatic fall." - Paige

Talent Show


Mary's birthday Celebration

Organ Stop Pizza.
Girl's Day! (Pei Wei & Pedicures)

Amy's pretty pedi

The whole lot of us (we just used my camera on a timer)

The grandkid shot - always a classic. :)

The McDonalds

The Makechnies

Lovely cousins

Beautiful Amy...soon to be famous author. :)

Pie eating contest! (Nelson & Drew)

Minute-to-Win-it game, "Chocolate Unicorn" (Ava & Paige)

"Junk in the Trunk" (Gregor and Eric) Is it just me or is this hilarious??

Poor Gregor got so into it that he hurt his back.

Nelson & Steven were good sports and let Amy and Allison throw cocoa puffs at their whipped creamed faces (note to self: next time use shaving cream; the whipped cream melts right off)

Nelson getting hosed down by his loving mama.
Claire's helping Dad with his push-ups.

And then rewarding him with snuggles.

Sweet Charlotte in her blessing dress.

Girls Camp 2013 | Sagehen Reservoir 

Honn Reunion/Camp-out at Swinging Bridge