24 June 2010

So much to love about summer

24 June 2010

Did you know that you can get a free box of Krispy Kreme (original glazed) donuts during Father's Day weekend if you just bring in an ugly tie??

Eric recently did a tie purge so he didn't have enough "ugly" to offer
so, instead, I bought this beauty from D.I. for $1.

What do you think they do with all of the ties after the contest?

Eric, always in-touch with his primal side, enjoying a massive turkey leg at Eagle Fun Days. By the way, this picture cracks me up.

Kristin & Brigham followed us on their pretty little bike all the way into Emmett for the White Trash Festival...I mean the Cherry Festival. Hey, I'm from there, I can say that; it's all very "Joe Dirt".

My favorite ride, The Zipper. I usually make Eric ride it with me, but it was $10! So we passed this year. So sad.

The newlyweds...and us.

And, finally, Eric showing no mercy on this poor little girl at the Dunk Tank. I was pretty proud of myself for the timing of this picture. :)

16 June 2010

This & That

16 June 2010

My good HS friend, Heather, visiting from Utah with her adorable daughters Annie & Lauren.

It was funny, as we were sitting outside, I watched as a random couple entered my garage. Naturally curious, I jumped up and followed them right into our back door and into our kitchen! As I snuck in the kitchen right after them, I heard the woman say, "I think someone lives here". Turns out they were trying to check out the townhome right next to ours which is for sale. Now I wish I would have pretended to be a realtor just to see what they thought of the place. :)


Eric and I were asked to help chaperone a party for an estimated 200 kids (in the end, it was closer to 90ish)! We weren't sure what to expect, but fortunately, all of the kids were great & very well-behaved. The party was heald at Eric's former boss's home, which is ridiculous. Pool & hot tub (unfinished), horses, lake, rafts, fire pit, sand volleyball court, tramp, ping pong, basketball, etc. They even had a live band there!


My nephew, Braden (the little lady's man) was baptized.

I hiked Table Rock - again. This time with the youth for mutual.

I was just called into YW again which is so fun. These are a few of the cute Beehives that I'll be working with.
P.S. Eric was called as 1st counselor in the EQ.

12 June 2010

New photobook

12 June 2010
Just got a new holiday photobook printed with Shutterfly (50% off).
There are a couple of things I'll do differently next time, but overall, I'm pretty happy with it.
100 pages but still thin and sleek!

**For you digiscrappers out there, I've also included some of the digital pages so you can compare and see what you think of Shutterfly's print quality...**

(The first pic is a father's day card I made for Steven.
We're thinking about splattering a bit of spaghetti sauce on it to make it more realistic :)
Click photos to enlarge.

This page seemed a little washed out. The yellow just isn't as rich and warm as the original.
It also lost some detail and contrast.

This layout in print was a little disappointing. Way different from the digital image.
The blues are completely different and the faces are desaturated.

The green background is too cool, and not in a good way.

The reds could have been a little darker/richer.
Overall, despite a few color and resolution issues, I was pretty happy with the album. If I were rich, I would print the same album with 5 different companies, but unfortunately, that aint happenin' any time soon so, for now, I think I'll stick with Shutterfly. At least until someone convinces me otherwise.