01 November 2013

Not your typical pumpkin, ladybug, bumble bee kind of baby

01 November 2013
Scout was born just a few days before Halloween last year so this was our first official Halloween. We decided to brave the crowds on the historical Harrison Blvd in downtown Boise, and I'm glad we did. The colorful tree-lined street was gorgeous as always, and it was so fun to see all of the clever costumes and decorations, and everyone was so friendly. A lot of people confused Scout as a koala bear or raccoon, but that's all right. She was a lemur sillies, and the cutest lemur around! Ok, the only lemur, but still!

Ghost Rider. Loved it. Scout, on the other hand, wasn't so sure.

Have you ever wanted to cuddle a lemur more in your life?

What I want to know is who carved all of these pumpkins?
All in all, it was a nice Halloween. Because our townhome is gated in, we never get any trick-or-treaters so we've learned to not buy any candy...which is nice because then we don't eat it all ourselves and suffer the next-day regrets. Instead, we swapped the Halloween candy regrets for chocolate chip cookie regrets.

Saturday we get to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day with our British family where I'm sure we'll consume all sorts of tasty regrets.