11 November 2014

Two, ladies and gents

11 November 2014
She's still a dainty little thing. She's hovered around 20 lbs since she was nine months old. She's getting taller though, and sometimes I don't know who it is I'm staring at when I see her long, toddler-sized body sprawled out in her crib. Every now and again, we get little glimpses of that "two" 'tude. And we've seen a few mini tantrums. But for the most part, she really is an easy-going, happy girl.

Scout's language has really taken off over the past month or so. Still working on putting words together, but it's just so fun to hear her mimic words. Some are crystal clear and some sound nothing like the word she intended, but she's improving every day. My favorite is when she says words "inside out", like "Pooker" for Cooper, "rossi" for sorry, etc.

She's always been very generous with"Please", "Thank You", and "I yoouu" (I love you).

Snuggles and giggles

Fabulous Fall

Farmstead Corn Maze & Pumpkin Festival

Exploring: Lake Lowell
Exploring: Boise Greenbelt

Exploring: Hulls Gulch, foothills

Daddy's favorite Cornhusker fan (then and now).
This cat likes to play in the puddles.

On our way to Boo at the Zoo.

Final days of Summer

At Camel's Back Park with cousin Finley.

Scout loves to accessorize. She went through a stage where she had to put on
several necklaces and bracelets first thing every morning.

Listening to the river.

These two. Always dishing the latest gossip.

Home Project

One day I just got the urge to update our bedroom. Unfortunately, the updates came to a halt after this one wall and the realization that we, in fact, don't have endless home makeover funds, but maybe someday I'll get my dream Stikwood wall, and if I'm really lucky, we might even get a bed at some point (after 11 years of marriage, our mattress is still plopped right on the ground).

All whining aside, I am happy with our one updated wall. We purchased this $40 dresser from a thrift store about 8 years ago, and it's a big, sturdy dresser so I didn't want to just get rid of it. So with a picture on my phone of the "Then" dresser, I made my way to Lowe's and got myself some Kilz primer, some paint (to match the trim in our house), and some classic hardware that both Eric and I could agree on. Eric and I both were surprised at how much this project changed the whole feel of the room. Much lighter and brighter. Success! Now, on to the next project!