23 March 2012


23 March 2012
Exciting news: Our papers are in, our profile is up, and we can officially announce that ...
we are hoping to adopt

For the past several months, we had been saving our pennies for In Vitro fertilization, but when it came time to move forward with the procedure, we both felt compelled to pursue adoption instead. Once we made the decision to adopt, we immediately felt a sense of peace.

We want to sincerely thank all of our friends and family for supporting us in this decision. We're so grateful for your thoughts and prayers, and for your willingness to help us spread the word.

It feels strange sort of "advertising" ourselves, but if you have a second, please share our profile and adoption blog with your friends and family.

Adoption Profile: https://www.itsaboutlove.org/ial/profiles/27589108/ourMessage.jsf
Blog: http://ericandcassadoption.blogspot.com

12 March 2012

Keeping Busy w/the YW...

12 March 2012
I've always loved working with the Young Women. They help keep me young. This is some of what we've been up to lately...
Bowling with the Laurels

Sledding in Idaho City. (How cute is Brook's hippo hat?)

Afterward - Checking out the old abandoned Antique Shop in town.

And coming up: We have a youth temple trip in Twin Falls (The Boise temple is under construction), YW Fundraiser, Girl's Camp at Pinetop, and right now we're working on a fabulous Ward Road Show. Stay tuned...

Crosby, The GSP

Our friends got Crosby, a German Shorthaired Pointer, just a few months before we got Blue. I was with Kristin when she picked him from the litter, and we both immediately knew he was the one.

He's not so little any more, but he's definitely still a puppy. In January, our friends asked us to dog-sit over the weekend while they traveled out of state for an interview.

A rare moment of rest after an exciting afternoon at the dog park.

It was fun to have a dog in the house again, but a weekend was about right. I forgot how much work puppies can be, and GSPs seem to have more energy than most. I only wish I had that much energy. Crosby's very lovable though, and I'll miss the little guy when they move this summer.

06 March 2012

8 years, 8 cars

06 March 2012
I originally created this post a couple of years ago. I'm editing and re-posting it now because it's now 2 years & 2 cars later.

As of today, after 5 years of sharing, Eric and I are finally a 2-car family again!

We've been married for 8 years, and we've owned 8 cars. The first was smashed by a neighbor's dune buggy. The second was sold so we could escape to our tropical island. The third was a mistake. The fourth had terrible gas mileage. The fifth had to stay on our tropical island. The 6th had to be sold back to the owner after we discovered that he had rolled the odometer back about 100k miles. And now we hope to enjoy a long happy future with 7 and 8.

Let us reflect...

1. 1998 Nissan Sentra ($5500)

Our first "married" car. This car was with us in Rexburg, Boise, Omaha, DC, back to Omaha & back to Boise. After 4 good years, I had to witness the death of our dear Sentra when a friend came ripping around the corner in his dune buggy, consequently slamming into our (innocently parked) car and then rolling and getting thrown from his. No humans were harmed.

2. 1993 Toyota Paseo ($800, from $1200)

"PUH-say-oh". A bazillion miles on this thing but an awesome lil' car! I'm suprised they stopped selling them in '97 because I've read nothing but great reviews about the Paseo. I think they're immortal.

3. 1997 Nissan Altima ( $1700, from $2000)

Not the smartest purchase. This was our first car on Saipan, and it wasn't a good match for the island. The weather & unpaved roads had taken it's toll on this little guy. Luckily, we were able to sell it in one piece.

4. 1999 Nissan Pathfinder ($4000, from $5500!)

I LOVED this car! Just didn't love filling it up - esp. since gas prices were of course at record highs during the Pathfinder era.

5. 2001 Toyota Echo ($3800 firm)

Thus, we replaced the brute Pathfinder with a little weanie Toyota Echo. It did get great gas, but it felt so light and cheap, I wasn't sad to let her go.

6. 1995 Lexus ES 300 ($3100, from $3500)
We loved this car ... until we discovered that our Russian salesman had turned back the odometer about 100k miles. Luckily, we were able to get our money back.

7. 1997 Lexus ES 300 ($3000, from $4500) | Picture from Wikipedia
So, the search began again. After spending the holidays in New Hampshire, we decided to extend our trip a couple of days in SLC to see if we could take advantage of the selection there. I made a long, detailed spread sheet with all of the cars worth considering. In the end, we ended up with yet another Lexus. This time 2 years newer. We were excited about the purchase until we checked the Carfax and discovered that the car had been in an accident and had a salvaged title. Apparently, the sellers weren't even aware of the salvaged title as the car was sold to them at a "friendly discount" from a previous employer who failed to mention the accident. As a result, the couple felt terrible about (unknowingly) misleading us and agreed to give us a massive discount. Fortunately, we've never had problems with the car, and at $3000, we got a steal of a deal!

8. 2009 Toyota Corolla (only 35k miles) | Picture taken by seller
  ($9500, from $10,300)
Our newest addition to the family. We purchased this car for several thousand under KBB. I know people are going to think we're crazy, but it's another salvaged title. It definitely makes me more nervous than it makes Eric, but it CAN also be a great deal. In this case, I think we're pretty safe. The car just had damage to the rear. The accident did not effect the frame or the alignment in any way. The trunk and bumper were replaced, and now it seems good as new (fingers crossed). Yes, salvaged titles are bad for resale, but we're not looking to sell it anytime soon.