07 November 2009

Washington & Coeur d'Alene

07 November 2009
Road trip! This past week Eric and I spent nearly 14 magical hours in the car. We survived with a little help from the Great Gatsby and Eric's very impressive (and deafening) musical impression of Jean Valjean. During the drive we almost hit 2 deer and a cat and passed some impressive landmarks (ie. The Hungry Redneck Cafe, Woodchuck Trucks, etc.) Unfortunately, we made the mistake of taking the barren desert freeway route through eastern Oregon/WA on our way there and took a much prettier way home through Coeur d'Alene and western Idaho - when it was dark! So, instead of enjoying the gorgeous fall-colored pine trees and mountains, we just admired their silhouettes.

The purpose of our little roadtrip was so Eric could meet for an interview with a firm in Spokane. He's now had 2 job interviews - 1 in Boise & 1 in Spokane, both of which went really well. I think the hiring committees were impressed. Unfortunately, the Boise firm isn't even hiring, but they were impressed enough with Eric's credentials to at least meet with him & maybe consider creating a position. The Spokane interview went great as well, but they apologized to Eric in advance for the "glacial" pace at which they conduct their hiring decisions. Apparently, Eric was one of the first to be interviewed. So now we wait!

The building on the right is the Spokane firm (19th floor). Eric unknowningly ran a solid red light trying to point it out to me as I was taking a picture out of our sunroof.

It was a close one, but Eric's proud to say he beat the statue.

These last two photos are of Coeur d'Alene. It's so stinkin' beautiful! We wouldn't mind living here. And these pictures don't do it justice; it was a weird overcast day.

And that's all! It was a fun trip. On Wed. night we got to have dinner with some old friends from BYU-I so that was really nice. Thanks again for having us over Fischers, and great dinner Melanie! I'll have to steal that recipe from you.