15 November 2012

Dear Scout

15 November 2012
It's been two weeks now since that momentous day when you were born, and we're enjoying every single minute with you.

 Here are some cherished, and some silly/humorous moments from the past few days:
  • Right now your dad is snuggling with you on his chest while you sleep, and as he watches Monday night football. He snatches you up as soon as he gets home from work (around 6 or 7pm) and rarely lets go before bed (around midnight). I take the night shifts, but he is surprisingly helpful in the evenings and on the weekends.

  • Dad loves to smother you with kisses while you survey his face with your eager open mouth hoping for some formula to squirt out of his nose or cheek. 
  • We love to gaze into your eyes as you slurp up your bottle. And we never grow bored of watching you sleep and dream. That's when we catch you making the most entertaining faces and sounds. We've seen you pull distressed little frowns, Elvis half smiles, eyebrow raises, and full-on, open-mouth gummy smiles..sometimes accompanied with what sounds to us like a laugh.

  • You've had lots and lots of visitors who love you already

  • And we can't wait for you to get older so you can play with your cousins who live closeby! (Finley 6 mo/o and Ella 15 mo/o)

  • You've surprised us a few times now with an accident or two in between diaper changes. You've given us the lovely pleasure of using a wet wipe...or two..or three to catch your squishy green pooh as it's escaping your bum. We've also had to save you from a few of your own pee pools during diaper changes. We're slowly learning. Oh, and big news, we're down to just two wipes per poopy diaper now. 
  • Some of the nicknames we're experimenting with: Scouter, Scooter (Grandma Honn's), Pretty, Pooper/Poops, Bugaboo/Bugs, Tooters, Pooters, Scooch)
  • Your tiny little body hated those sponge baths. Too cold I think. Luckily, your umbilical chord stump fell off on Day 12 and we are now finally able to submerge your body in the water which you seem to like. You just chill there while we support your relaxed, motionless body in the cozy warm water, expressionless.

  • You had your first "photoshoot" at 13 days. I really wanted to get you there on time, but I should have known better. I tried to feed you and change you about an hour ahead of time, but you decided to wait until the last minute to get hungry, poop, and vomit all over Mom's nice blouse. Your first time vomiting by the way. Then, when we finally arrived at the shoot, you were wide awake the entire time. I had these visions of you sleeping happily and allowing us to position you in a variety of darling little poses, but no such luck. Fortunately, Hollie managed to get a few great shots with your big beautiful eyes. Your lips are puckered because your mom was giving you a "happy plug" between shots.

  • You've had three outings now - Your cousin's birthday party, your first visit with your Pediatrician & your dad's office. Everyone at the firm insisted that I bring you in for a staff lunch, and everyone adored you!

  • Before bed, we like to blast Les Mis, Josh Groban or Andrea Bocelli and waltz around the family room with you.
  • We love you more and more each and every day.

03 November 2012

6 Days Old

03 November 2012
6 days old and still too tiny for her newborn clothes. :) But so stinken' adorable!

She's here!

Scout was born Oct 27, 2012 at 8:06 a.m. The C-Section was initially scheduled for November 5, but Brooke was having difficulty breathing on Friday night so she and her mom decided it was time to go to the hospital. They soon discovered that Brooke had Pre-eclampsia so her doctor decided to move forward with an emergency C-section. (Brooke was just short of 38 weeks.)

Scout was absolutely beautiful from the moment she entered the world, and everyone fell in love with her immediately! She was a tiny little thing, just 6 pounds and 18 inches long. She was born in relatively good health, but she was anemic and on oxygen. Fortunately, her health improved quickly, and now she's healthy and doing amazing!

She has sweet little fingers and toes and ...

big, beautiful eyes

Eric, Cassandra, Scout & Brooke