23 September 2012

Nursery for the wee babe

23 September 2012
When we discovered we were adopting a baby girl, rather than running to the store for miniature pink dresses, bows and tutus, I immediately started "scheming" the nursery.

The first must-have item I found was a Caitlin Wilson pillow in soft aqua, mustard & "greige". Strange I know, but this pillow was my inspiration for the whole color scheme and design concept for the room. I dreamed about this pillow. :)


Then, before making any purchases, I used Photoshop to create an "idea board"

Then, I designed the room in my head... 

And finally, A NURSERY! Our very first. A peaceful place for imagination and dreams.
Our friend and famed photographer, Del Benson, was kind enough to take these pictures for us during one of his visits.

Pomander ball made w/table confetti & corsage pins

It was so fun hunting down these precious children's books.

I had to find the right "art" for the room...This took some work, but I'm so happy with what we ended up with. Something that I discovered as I was decorating the room - there really isn't a defined theme.
But after the fact, after simply picking out pieces that I loved for this sweet baby, I noticed that everything in the room seems to fall pretty well under "imagination & dreams".

Catch a Falling Star - From Trafalgars Square on Etsy

Flying Elephant - From Trafalgars Square on Etsy

Lamb - From The Animal Print Shop

Lion Cub - From The Animal Print Shop

Book Bear - From Trafalgars Square on Etsy


AmyMak said...

Love, love, love! I love the way you imagined it in your head first and planned around the pillow. You are a great designer!

Heather said...

So incredibly adorable. Sweet, beautiful, innocent, precious, cute, timeless, I could go on and on. And did I notice her name in there? If so, I love it. I am just so excited for you. Sorry I couldn't make it to your shower. I was actually going to try and drive up for it but it didn't work out. Hope it was wonderful!