25 March 2009

Saipodities at the Street Market

25 March 2009
Warning: Do not view this post prior to eating as you may lose your appetite.

Every Thursday in Saipan there's a street market in downtown Garapan with local foods and island dancing. BBQ satays and smoothies are probably the most popular items at the street market, but if you're feeling brave...

Chicken feet & pig ears. Apparently, the chicken feet are mostly skin and tendons and not much muscle. I hear they're also very gelatinous. Mmm.

And finally we have Eric with a bright yellow helmet...Oh, and a segway. Our friend Jari bought 2 segways from Guam as a business venture, and he let us test them out. I think I want one.

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Beck n Ben said...

Yikes and disgusting. But I'd eat it if someone paid me a buck. ~ Ben