02 December 2007

I'm it.

02 December 2007
Ok, I've been tagged twice now so it's my turn to list 7 random things about me. Here goes...

1. I work with my brother Jason (http://www.yoursolution.net/). I get to build/design websites for a living. I love it because I get to sit in my living room that overlooks the jungle and the ocean, make my own hours, and, most importantly, I enjoy the work.

2. I love shoes. It's a good thing I'm cheap, otherwise I'd probably have an obnoxious collection.

3. I'm a minimalist. I love interior design. I'm also slightly obsessed with real estate. I spend entirely too much time browsing listings in no specific location or price bracket.

4. Most of you already know this, but I'm a loyal Boise State football fan. I think it started after I married Eric (4 yrs ago), and I realized that I had a Cornhuskers obsession to compete with.

5. My high school, "Dolly Parton High" - designed to conserve energy.

6. I love everything cheese - cheese and crackers, Doritos, nachos, dips, string cheese, squeaky cheese, fondue, broccoli cheese soup, etc., etc. It's a guilty pleasure, but one I'm not about to give up.

7. The best dog in the entire world! Growing up I had a samoyed like this one named Dewey Docker, aka "Zachariah Magic Fire". I wouldn't mind getting another....I'll have to work on Eric though. Maybe we'll start smaller and lower maintenance...

All right, enough about me. It's my turn to tag YOU:


Melissa said...

I also have a love for all things cheese! There can just never be too much.

And I love your job! We should all work for your brother Jason.

Heather said...

You know what I remember the most about Dewey? How thick and soft his fur was, and how we used to think he was a Husky! I have to say I have more fond memories of him than of Mr. Small. Mostly just because Tyler and Jason would make him bite my ankles when we were running through your house.

Cassandra said...

Ha! Good times. Mr Small was definitely the fiesty one, and Dewey was just so loveable and huggable.
Dewey and Lobo, they don't get much better than that, do they?

staci baker said...

Hey, Cassie! This is Sheri's sister, Staci (Lewis) Baker! I found you through Melissa Wheeler's blog! I'd heard from Sheri and Jason that you were in the South Pacific! Crazy! Fun! Your pictures are AWESOME! I'm so glad you're having this experience!