14 December 2007

I could almost smell the rice terraces

14 December 2007
We were SO close. I had the travel agent right there in front of me with Continental on her ear and Visa in hand, and then it happened - a day later, and the return flight is completely booked! That hurt. Apparently, we're staying put for Christmas. Maybe it's for the better. This way we don't have to rush our travel plans, and we'll save money by not travelling during peak season. It's a bummer because I was looking for a happy distraction over the holiday to not miss the family and traditions as much, but I still have something to look forward to. We're now thinking Jan 6 - Jan 13.

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The Dunns said...


Man we are just loving your blog and all the adventures you and Eric go on. You guys live in paradise! Is the trip really going to happen then? Hey I have to say we miss you guys and hope you have a happy holidays. If you can send me an address I will send you a Dunn Family Christmas Card. Hope all is well.