20 August 2010

"...I would be a man with many pennies"

20 August 2010
Ok, so I feel a little strange posting this poem since it's about me, but It's just further proof of how hilarious (and occasionally sweet) Eric is.

If I had a penny for every time you made me smile,
Or blew me away with your artistic style;

Made me lunch when you weren’t in the mood,
Yet did it with love and without any ‘tude;

Washed my dishes (except for the pots),
Or went to the gym to keep your body real hot;

Put up with my humor and laughed at my jokes,
Moved to Omaha to live with my folks;

If I had a penny for every time you made me laugh out loud,
Or put up with my cynicism when I am a rain cloud;

Listened to my work stories about claims adjusters,
Or tolerated daily briefs about the Cornhuskers;

Served me in ways I do not deserve,
Or been a treat for my optical nerves;

Made me feel grateful that you are my wife,
And been the best friend I’ve had in my life;

Given me confidence when I don’t have any,
Then, my love, I would be a man with many pennies.


taylor elaine said...

Ummmm...can I just say that I love this? You two are AMAZING!

Amy Makechnie said...

Oh I love this! Did Eric write it or is it another "Rose" knock-off? :) Mighty impressed.

Allison Nelson said...

Such creativity! Kudos, Eric. Peter writes me goofy song lyrics, tweaking the lyrics we already have, which is very amusing. Oh yeah, you already know about this - "Naked Bear..." 'nuff said. Congrats on 7 years you two!