21 May 2013


21 May 2013
Scout and I try and walk 3-4x a week.

Before Scout, I was always envious of those cute moms "strolling" down the street with their sweet babes. How nice it must be to spend all day with that cute little bundle and have time for leisurely walks in the sunshine.

I'm learning, however, that our walks, although lovely, are more of a necessity.  A necessity for getting this mommy butt into shape and a necessity for getting out of the house, away from the dirty dishes, the piles of laundry, the client requests and the church responsibilities. Away from all of that and into the fresh air where baby is no longer fussy and is completely content in her stroller sucking away on her shoulder straps.

The Wetlands (just a mile or so from our house). It's sort of an ugly pretty.
On one of our walks, I actually spotted a couple sunbathing here. Only in Idaho.

Walking along the canal bank behind our house (and, yes, sucking on her delicious strap)

Lots and lots of frogs. Whenever I try to sneak up on them to snap a photo, I always hear 2 or 3 splashing into the water.

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AmyMak said...

GORGEOUS shots! Glad you are putting that camera to good use. Let's compare notes this summer. Love that baby Scout and the mother and baby ducklings! So cute. Move that mama butt! Haha...that made me laugh.