21 May 2013

Baby Showers!

21 May 2013
Ok, this blog post is so very late (only 8 months), but I wanted to do it anyway...because it was too good not to document.

Back in September, my family threw the sweetest baby shower.

SIL Robbie & her best friend Kim who we LOVE (she's the one who knit 2 hats and a blankie for Scout in a day)

Tiffany, SIL & master party planner

The ladies of the family

Nieces Hanna, Talia holding Finley, Faith, Emma (not related) & Cami (only missing Clare & Ella and, of course, Scout)

The incredibly generous "loot".

In December, the YW spoiled me with a 2nd baby shower.

Wise YW sharing their advice.

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Kelsey Eaton said...

I swear I know Tiffany from something. Did she go to BYU-Idaho? I think she was in my ward in like 2008 or something. Hmm how is she related to you?