30 May 2013

7 months

30 May 2013
It's hard to believe that Scout's really 7 months now. Eric and I can't decide if the time has gone fast or slow, but it's gone nonetheless. Even though time continues to slip away, Scout continues to make us feel younger. I've noticed that Eric and I are smiling and laughing a lot more these days, and it's all thanks to this little goofball.

She still sleeps through the night (from about 7pm-7am), and she's been on solids for a month now...we're lucky if she eats a few bites a day. She doesn't love any of it, but she seems to tolerate the carrots best. We selfishly still feed her the peaches purely for the entertainment value. Her reaction is similar to how we might respond to chomping into a lemon, only much cuter. She can finally roll over both ways now...just a few days ago, it was only back to front which meant she would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night in a fuss until we flipped her back to her back.

Because of Eric's work schedule, he doesn't always get to see much of Scout during the weekdays so he likes to steal a few late-night snuggles before he goes to bed. She's always wide awake with a huge grin when he walks in, but then she goes right back to sleep when he leaves.

The other day I read a blog post entitled, "Motherhood: Easier Than I Thought" (or "Better than What They Tell You"). I found myself relating to a good portion of the post and feeling guilty for it because I realize that it's not so easy for many first-time moms (and certainly not for moms with multiple children). There are a lot of factors that come into play - several of which, I know nothing about due to the fact that Scout was adopted. Factors like: recovering from labor, recovering from 9 MONTHS of pregnancy, hormones, weight gain, postpartum, exhaustion/frustration/pain from breastfeeding, etc, etc. I also know new moms with colicky babies...babies with allergies...babies who throw everything up...babies who don't sleep...babies with special needs, etc. I really am aware of how fortunate we are that Scout's been so easy on us. I'm sure the terrible twos will hit us twice as hard, and if not the toddler years, then we'll probably have a spicy pre-teen/teen on our hands. But, for now, I'm just going to enjoy this sweet stage while I can. :)

For Memorial Day, we visited the cemetery in Emmett where some of my family members were buried, including my dad. This was our first time taking Scout.

She loves Dad's schnoz. 

So sweet.

She may be an easy baby, but she still has her moments. :)

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