08 November 2010

YWIE 2010: Hats Off To You!

08 November 2010
I've been a busy little bee this month planning for our Young Women in Excellence program that took place this last Wed. I really don't mind putting in the work for these types of things, but it's always frightening for me to be the one in charge. Unfortunately, I planned for like 50 ppl, and only about 20 showed, but what can ya do?

I decided to cheat a bit and recycle our theme from Saipan: Hats Off To You.

Straw Hats from Hobby Lobby. $1.50 ea. With colored flowers & ribbon to represent the 8 YW Values.

The girls performed 2 musical numbers. Nearer My God to Thee (with 2 of the girls on violin - so beautiful!) & As Sisters in Zion (EFY medley)

For the program, we mixed it up a bit; rather than the typical value skits, we added a twist. We challenged the girls with Whose Line Is It Anyway type improv games to go along with the values.

And, finally, these last few shots are of our adorable YW at the temple a few weeks back.

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