28 June 2008

Managaha Beach Mural

28 June 2008
Isn't this cool? Del Benson took a sequence of photos of us on Managaha (directly below) to create a massive panoramic. I just sliced out a few of the sections. The images will stretch across 84 FEET of wall (on 7 x 7' panels) in a new local store.

Lft to Rt: Reece, Skylar, J.V., Nathan, Gus, Daniel, Kyle, Limson, Van

That's me - way in the distance, about to pass the volleyball. Apparently, Del had plans for Eric and I to be kanoodling on the beach for the shot, but, alas, Eric wasn't there. Too bad. Lft to Rt: Lius, Taylor, Tikla, me, Elizabeth, Leona, ?, Reece, Skylar

Lft to Rt: Matt & Carter Smith burrying Harrison, youth in the background, Voutilainens, Riders

Jari & Chantelle

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