19 April 2011

Spring is a Beautiful Thing

19 April 2011
These pink blossom trees are everywhere, and they're gorgeous right now.

On Saturdays, if I have time, I love to go watch my neices and nephews play their sports (basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, etc.) This last Saturday was particularly entertaining. Have you ever seen 5 y/os play soccer?? It is the cutest thing in the world.

This is what my sis-in-law Sheri has to say about Cooper's first soccer game: "Cooper was super excited the night before and morning of, & couldn't wait to get into his uniform.  The quarter he sat out, he sat on my lap and he was a little ball of energy bouncing around.  He kept cheering on his team and about went to pieces everytime either team was close to making a goal.  He'd put his hands up to his mouth and started shaking and squealing (either yes, yes, yes or no, no, no!)  IN the game he was AMAZING!  We had no idea he knew how to play so well!  He scored 9 of the 10 goals that his team scored and the only time the other team scored was when he was sitting out that quarter.  He was SO into it.  It was so cute.  His intensity and how seriously he took everything was so cute.  On the field he was totally focused and aggresive.  He was awesome!  We were just giggling the whole time."

The video below if my nephew Cooper shooting a goal and then running into the goal post. Earlier in the game, he actually slid right into the inside back pocket of the goal net after his kick. I love it.

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