11 March 2010

Obsession confessions

11 March 2010
Moving is a funny thing; it has a way of revealing some of our obsessive quirks. For the record though, Eric totally has more than I do.

You know how some people collect stamps? Eric collects vitamins and meds. It seems like every time we go shopping he has to buy 2 things (whether we need them or not): 1. medication of some form and 2. (not pictured) cleaning supplies. He doesn't necessarily like to clean, but he loves to buy cleaning supplies.

I am obsessed with the THOUGHT of being clean and organized. It doesn't always work out that way, but I like to think that I have potential. Unfortunately, I think what I have is the opposite of potential. I start off ok (like here in our garage), but I assure you it will get worse.

Accessories. I have an addiction to home accessories. Eric teases me relentlessly over this one. I love flowers, plants, vases, art work, pillows, throws, vintage classic books, etc. It's a good thing I'm a minimalist or else we would have a problem on our hands.

Eric loves pens. I forgot, that's another item that always manages to creep into our grocery cart regardless of the lifelong supply we have at home. Eric could be the poster boy for BIC. It's funny because, despite our endless supply, he still gets all riled up whenever I try to use one of HIS pens. And if you're curious which ones are his, they're the yucky ones with the chewed caps.

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Patrick and Natalie Nelson said...

Eric and Cass, we love your new place! Its great!! And I love your style and the way you have furnished and decorated. We can't wait to visit. With the pen mark, you may want to try lighter fluid...its been my secret weapon since marrying Patrick :) He accidently got dark wood stain on our couch and thats how i got it out. I also got out a pen mark on my leather purse!