22 November 2007

Thanksgiving Firsts

22 November 2007
Jonathan woke up at 4:30 in the morning to prepare this lovely bird.

French Silk Pie

This Thanksgiving was a Thanksgiving of firsts for me.
  • First time away from family.
  • First time being interviewed on the news.
  • First Thanksgiving in 85 degree weather.
  • First time having a smoked turkey (it was delicious!)
  • First time baking a french silk pie.
I hope you're all enjoying a fantastic holiday! Thanksgiving is already a thing of the past for us here on this side of the international date line, but a fond memory indeed. I spent the morning baking, the afternoon socializing, the evening eating, and the night - more eating. After a nice dinner at Jonathan's we ate entirely too much pie at "Pie Night". There were about 50 people there, and each family brought a pie. You can imagine the spread. It was fun for me to bake my first french silk pie entirely from scratch. As you can see from the photo (as it's melting in the sun), it could use some improvement, but there's always next year. And, it did get devoured rather quickly so let's hope that's a good sign.

And the fun is just beginning! Tomorrow we fly to Rota. That's the southernmost island of the Marianas, and it's supposed to be the least developed and the most gorgeous. Pop: 3000.

Stay tuned...

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