12 January 2013

Ladies Lunch

12 January 2013
Soon to be tradition. My sister & sister-in-law both have birthdays early in the year so we'll see if we can make this an annual tradition - Ladies lunch out. So far, we've done Olive Garden both times - mostly because our husbands never let us eat there, but maybe next year we'll mix it up and eat somewhere equally girly. Sometimes you just need that quality girl time.

Missing: sis-in-law Robbie. The poor thing is stuck in Hawaii for the next few months. :)
Scout was with us too (to my right), but she got cut out of the picture. :(
The birthday girls!
(this photo and the one below are from our 2011 lunch...apparently, we dropped the ball in 2012))
Mom, me, Robbie (sis-in-law), Tiffany (sis-in-law), Amanda (sister) & Sheri (sis-in-law)

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