28 January 2013

3 months

28 January 2013
Scouterific just turned 3 months yesterday! We took her in for her first full sets of vaccines this past Friday, and she did awesome. Only cried for a few seconds. Granted, it was a pretty agonizing wail of a cry, but thankfully, didn't last long. The doctor was pleased with Scout's development; she seems to be hitting all of her milestones. And she's definitely grown! From 6 lbs to now 13 lbs 4 oz! Here's a comparison from her first appointment to the most recent one:

11-8-12 (12 days)
Weight: 5-15 oz (15%)
Height: 18 ¼” (10%)
Head: 32 ½ cm (10%)
1-25-13 (3 mo)
Weight: 13-4 oz (70%)
Height: 22 3/8” (10%)
Head: 38 ½ cm (25%)

I know I shouldn't be taking pictures during church, but is this not the most adorable thing? :) 

Perdy dress from our Saipan friends, the Riders

Tummy time!

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