14 August 2012

Rexburg Flashback

14 August 2012
Eric and I went to Rexburg for the first time since we left in April of '04, and although it was nice to not be one of those students doing their homework or prepping for tests at the library, it made me really miss those college days.

While there, we got to snap a few pix of a couple of my old apartments which prompted this post. In case you didn't know, I lived in 7 apartments and had over 20 roommates, and believe it or not, I loved them all!

Apt #1 (summer of '99): Harvard Ave/Egan

Hardvard Ave/Egan
There were 4 of us living in the basement, and although most freshmen experience terrible homesickness during those first few months, I loved it immediately (and I was so glad we didn't live in the dorms!)

Me & my first roommates (minus the boys of course)
I really procrastinated with the whole college thing. Ricks was the only college I applied for, and my main basis was that my brother went there, and he seemed to have fun. Erin, the girl on the left, graduated with me from Emmett HS. We actually didn't know each other well before college, but when I found out she was headed to Rexburg and since I hadn't even begun looking at apartments, she let me live with her and a couple of her friends from Homedale (Mindy & Sheree).

*The following summer (of 2000) I went home to be with my dad for the last few months before his passing.

Apt #2 (Fall/Winter '00-01): Hillcrest

Hillcrest Roomies (minus Min Moe) - Left to right: Jen, Erin, Me, Syd & Loretta at Mesa Falls

At the Sand Dunes - Syd is bottom left w/black cap, Loretta w/blue shirt leaning on Syd, Erin & Mindy are bottom right

Apt #3 (Summer '01): Regent Villa

Regent Villa, or as we lovingly called it, "Reject Villa." This apartment was kiddie corner to campus, and we had a blast! I remember setting up a homemade slip-and-slide, and having random students pop over and join us.
And who can forget that silly night of Truth or Dare?

Regent Villa roomies - Left to Right: Rachel, (Eric), Monique, Erin, me (missing Loretta)

Apt #4: Birch Plaza
Birch Plaza

Birch Plaza Roomies - Me, Janielle (yes, Eric's ex-GF, lol), Bridget, Katie, Margie

Apt #5: Camden

Camden Roomies: Jamilyn, Dre, Bridget, Em, Kris, Me

Apt #6: Colonial


Crystal, Jackie, Anne, Jami, me, Ashley ("Red Hooded Sweeeeaaaatshirt! Dip, dip, dip")


Mothers Week

Colonial #206!
I know that was probably boring for all of you, but it definitely brought back some great memories for me!

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Stories of Kel said...

How funny! I lived in Colonial for a couple semesters while I was at BYUI as well! I was in 208 I think?