03 October 2010

Creative Friends

03 October 2010
Check out these cool fall wreath ideas...

Kristin's acorn wreath.
I helped Kris collect hundreds of acorns for this wreath on BSU's campus. Most of the acorns on the ground were "topless" so, eventually, we learned to just pluck them right off the tree branches. I think the people walking by thought we were a little strange. One hippie-type lady accused us of stealing from the squirrels. Hehe. Sorry squirrels.

P.S. Kristin said this took her 3+ hours, 2 acorn collection trips, and several hot glue gun burns.

Instructions here.

Natalie's lima bean wreath.
Both of these wreaths are easy and affordable. Well, time consuming, but definitely, cheap! It's just a styrofoam wreath (~$5), a hot glue gun & ribbon. Acorns were obviously free, and lima beans are about $1/bag! Spray paint optional. (Is it just me or does the lima bean wreath look a bit like snake skin?)

Instructions here.

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Erin (Travis) Edgington said...

Hey! I peeked at your blog a while ago and loved these ideas! We have a lot of Oak trees around so I decided to make an acorn wreath...however I am making the topless acorn kind as I could not skilled at climbing up our huge oaks to get the topped kind! I am in the middle of it now and I can tell you it is NOT as easy as it looked! I have blisters on at least four fingers and will have to gather more acorns to finish tomorrow! Maybe I'm not as crafty as I thought! Great ideas though! Thanks for the inspiration!