12 April 2010


12 April 2010
I admit it. We're spoiled. Last week my sister, Amanda, suprised us with a trunk full of groceries as a house warming gift. The only thing better than food is free food! And her timing was perfect. Normally, Eric and I reserve Friday night as our date night, but Amanda's gift allowed us to eat in - with style. I was pretty proud of this dinner. Too bad Eric chose this night of all nights to come home from work a couple hours late. :(

Then, on Saturday we got spoiled some more when Tyler and Tiffany came over and helped us with some of our home projects.
Top left: The guest room headboard!
Bottom left: Ty helped me file a larger hole in my desk for this handy organizational desk grommet (no more chords!)
Right: And, finally, they helped us hang this large heavy mirror in our master bedroom.


AmyMak said...

Looks great! Did you make that headboard? Impressive! Where did you get the bedding. Looks Cassie Classy. Good work.

Cassandra said...

Thanks Amy. The headboard is just 2 beadboard cabinet doors (extras that came with the house). We screwed them together and then screwed them right onto the wall. The bedding is from all over - TJ Maxx, Target, & Bed, Bath & Beyond (20% off). Who knew bedding was so expensive? I should just make our guests use beach towels. :) Unless, of course, you come to visit, if YOU visit, we'll just give you our room! :)

Shauna said...

I like the cord-free desk look. It is funny that there is an outlet right there, but you can't really use it unless you want unsightly cords.