30 August 2009

Hard Goodbye

30 August 2009
Hands down, the hardest move yet. We left behind, not only the ocean and sunshine, but also the best friends we've ever had & certainly, the best branch we have ever and will ever be a part of.

We made a very last-minute decision to move so we only had one Sunday to say goodbye to the branch that we loved so much. I was resistant to give a full-blown talk that Sunday because, in addition to only having a few short hours to prepare, I just knew I would be an emotional wreck. And I was, but I'm glad I had the chance to express my gratitude to all of the members that had made such a huge impact on my life over the course of 2 years. Then, during the 3rd hr, the YW gave me an incredible gift when they decided to cancel their individual classes and share their testimonies instead. I can't quite explain how significant that was for me.

And the outpouring of love continued on through the evening when the branch threw us a last-minute going away party at the Conner's home. It was humbling to see all of the people who came to share their love. During the course of the night, we were given dozens of thoughtful gifts and letters. The most touching part, however, was when they all sang "God Be With You Till We Meet Again."

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Brad and Rachael Huntsman said...

Wait...you're moving? Where too? Why so sudden? Don't you just ♥ those island people....they are great!