25 July 2008


25 July 2008
I don't think anyone likes to hear people complain, but, unfortunately, it's just been one of those months so I think I've earned a venting post. Maybe, to lighten things up, I'll follow every negative with a positive.

Here's the month we've had.

1. Bought a car for better gas mileage. A cherry red Toyota Echo. I like Toyotas, but I won't comment on the color & model. However, with gas prices at over $5/gallon, I was willing to make the switch. Sadly, the small, round, bald man who sold us the car failed to mention 1 tiny detail: the car needed a new TRANSMISSION.

So we thought we were getting this great deal - about $1000 later - we're not so sure. $300+ of that was loan interest/fees, on a loan that we paid off in less than a month! Grrr.

Ok, on a more positive note, we did sell our Pathfinder.

2. These power outages are making us crazy! 2-4 hours a day.

On the bright side, at least the outages lower our obnoxious utility bills.

3. Power Outages = Eric's laptop getting repeatedly fried.

But at least I've learned from his loss, and I've been more diligent in my backups.

4. Still no camera (hence, the disappointing blog posts)

On the bright side, I am experiencing no buyer's remorse.

5. Eric would like me to insert a recent loss in his life. The court, like everyone else on this strange island, is cutting costs everywhere they can which means no more internet or generator at the office after 5 PM. Eric is actually really productive after 5'clock (when the court is empty) so this was bad, bad news.

Overall, July has let us down.

At least Dark Knight was good.


Patrick and Natalie Nelson said...

Cass, that is SO frustrating! Im so sorry to hear that! Urghh. Especially about the car! I hope August is MUCH better for you and E! I know December will be great! :) I CANT WAIT!

Melissa said...

Geez, sorry for all the frustrations! Scott and I were really frustrated with all the transmissions problems our last car brought us, too. So we do feel a little of your pain...