06 March 2008

Mice & Murderers

06 March 2008
Some of you may have heard in the news about Kazuyoshi Miura, the Japanese businessman who is accused of murdering his wife back in 1981. If not, here's a quick summary: It appears he hired someone to attack he and his wife both (in LA). He, of course, walked away with just a bullet wound to the leg, but she was shot in the head and killed. If that's not suspicious enough, he then collected over $1 million on life insurance policies, AND an actress who claimed to be Miura’s lover said that Miura had hired her to kill his wife 3 months before the shootings. Amazingly, the Japanese high courts overturned his guilty verdict 10 years ago, after only spending 4 years in prison. Thankfully, it looks like the case has finally been re-opened which is why I'm writing this random blog post. Miura was caught by the police here in Saipan, and the court has been a mad house the past few days with Japanese reporters so I've attached a few photos of the scene - While they're waiting (literally all day) for their perfect shot of Miura, we decided to get a shot of them.

That's Eric on the left

Inside the court.
Oh, and as for the "mice", I hope our future visitors don't see this post, but we've discovered 2 of them in 2 days (3 total since moving here). A couple of days ago I was sitting here talking to Eric on the phone (he was at work), and suddenly little Mickey dashes out. So, I of course, react in a natural feminine way and jump on the couch and inform Eric in my best squealing voice that he needs to come home immediately. We ended up catching him the next morning with our trusty glue trap. Those glue traps work like a champ, but they're a little disturbing - they don't actually kill the mice, they just render them immobile. Immobile as in they can't go anywhere, but they still do plenty of squirming. It just makes you cringe and feel bad for the little guys all at the same time.

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Sprocket said...

Hello Cassandra,

I'd like permission to copy your images of the press waiting for Miura to my blog:


I would also mention and link back to your blog.

I'm following the case and I hope to eventually attend as much of the trial as possible, just will depend if I can get a seat. A source tells me that there are approximately 100 Japanese journalists here in Los Angeles, waiting for Miura's arrival.

Your pictures of Saipan are breathtaking! You and your husband look like you are very happy on this island paradise.